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Song: I’m Not Racist
Singer: Joyner Lucas
Produced: Boi-1da
Official: BBCMetro
Release Date: Nov 29, 2017
Country: USA
Language: English

Worked on new mp3 project Joyner Lucas New Music release “I’m Not Racist – Joyner Lucas” Track 2017 Song Composed & Lyrics given by Joyner Lucas Video Produced & Director Joyner Lucas. “I’m Not Racist” Sung & Composed By Joyner Lucas from Album AlbumName Latest Single track lyrics I’m Not Racist 2017 track audio/video listen Joyner Lucas – I’m Not Racist full video song listen & share.

I’m Not Racist Lyrics

[Verse 1~] With all due respect I dont have pity for u black niggas thats tha way I feel
Screamin “Black Lives Matter” all tha black guys rather be deadbeats than pay ur bills
Yellin “Nigga this” & “Nigga that”
Call everybody “Nigga” & get a nigga mad
As soon as I say “Nigga” then everyone react
& wanna swing at me & call me racist cause I aint black
Well pound that then talkin about slavery like u was around back then
Like u was pickin cotton off tha fuckin ground back then
Like u was on tha plantation gettin down back then
Aight look
I see a black man aimin his gun
But Id rather see a black man claimin his son
& I dont mean just for one day & u done I mean
u still trapped in a rut
I work my ass off & I pay my taxes for what?
So u can keep livin off free government assistance?
Food stamps for ur children but ure still tryna sell em for some weed & some liquor or a fuckin babysitter
While u party on tha road cause u aint got no fuckin goals
u already late; u motherfuckas needa get ur damn priorities straight way
Its like ure proud to be fake
But u lazy as fuck & ud rather sell drugs than get a job & be straight
& then u turn around & complain about tha poverty rate? Fuck outta my face!
u cant escape problems
u can pray for some change but cant break a dollar
Got nobody else to blame so u blame Donald
“They fuck tha world with a Make America Great condom”
My voice been back
Im not racist my sisters boyfriends black
Im not racist my sister-in-laws baby cousin Tracy got a brother & his girlfriends black
My heads in tha cloud
Heard theres not enough jobs for all tha men in ur house
Maybe we should build a wall to keep tha Mexicans out
Or maybe we should send em all to tha ghetto for now; Im not racist
& I never lie but I think theres a disconnect between ur culture & mine
I worship tha Einsteins study tha Steve Jobs but u ride 2Pacs dick like he was a fuckin god oh my god!
& all u care about rappin & stuntin & bein ratchet & thats tha nigga within u
Music rot in ur brain & slowly start to convince u then u let ur kids listen & then tha cycle continues
Blame it all on tha menu blame it on those drinks blame it on everybody except for ur own race
Blame it on white privileges blame it on white kids & just blame it on white citizens—same with tha vice president
Bunch of class clowns
Niggas kneelin on tha field thats a flag down
How dare u try to make demands for this money?
u gon show us some respect u gon st& for this country nigga!
Im not racist Im just prepared for this type of war
I heard Eminems rap at tha awards whos he fightin for?
Yall can take that motherfucker too he aint white no more
Its like u wanna be so famous ull do anything for attention & a little payment
I cant take u nowhere without people pointin fingers
Pants hangin off ur ass u aint got no home-trainin
Put ur fuckin pants up nigga!
Put that suit back on!
Take that do-rag off!
Take that gold out ur mouth!
Quit tha pitiful stuff & then maybe police would stop killin ya fuck!
Yo what tha fuck!?
Im not racist its like we livin in tha same buildin but split into two floors
Im not racist but theres two sides to every story—I wish that I knew urs
I wish that I knew urs
Im not racist I swear

[Verse 2~] With all disrespect I dont really like u white motherfuckers thats just where Im at
Screaming “All Lives Matter” is a protest to my protest what kind of shit is that?
& thats one war ull never win
tha power in tha word “Nigga” is a different sin
We shouldnt say it but we do & that shits what it is
But that dont mean that u can say it just cause u got nigga friends
Nigga that word was originated for u to keep us under
& when we use it we know thats just how we greet each other
& when u use it we know theres a double meaning under
& even if I wasnt picking cotton physically
That dont mean Im not affected by tha history
My grandmomma was a slave that shit gets to me
& u aint got no motherfucking sympathy u pussy nigga!
Im sorry u can never feel my life
Tryna have faith but I never felt alright
Its hard to elevate when this countrys ran by whites
Judging me by my skincolor & my blackness
Tryna find a job but aint nobody call me back yet
Now I gotta sell drugs to put food in my cabinet
u crackers aint slick this is all apart of ur tactics
Dont talk about no motherfucking taxes when I aint making no dough
u think u know everything but u dont
u wanna copy our slang & everything that we know
Tryna steal black culture & then make it ur own woah
Fuck Im exhausted I cant even drive without tha cops tryna start shit
Im tired of tha systematic racism bullshit
All u do is false shit this tha shit that Im falsed with
& u dont know shit about my people thats what bothers u
u aint know about no fried chicken & no barbeque
u aint know about tha two-step or no loose change
u aint know about no 2Chainz or no kool-aid u dont know!
& even though Barack was half as black u hated president Obama I know thats a fact
u couldnt wait to get him out & put a cracker back
& then u gave us Donald Trump & now its pay back for that
Im not racist I never lied but I know theres a disconnect between ur culture & mine
Yeah I praise 2Pac like he was a fuckin god; he was fighting for his life right before he fuckin died nigga die nigga!
& all u care about is money & power & being ugly & thats tha cracker within u
Hatred all in ur brain it slowly start to convince u
& then u teach it to ur children until tha cycle continue
Blame it on Puerto Rico blame it on O.J
Blame it on everybody except for ur own race
Blame it on black niggas & blame it on black citizens
Aim at tha black businesses I aint saying Im innocent but
I might be any day now treatin everybody how u want & any way how
I swear North Korea bout to bomb us any day now
& now Im duckin everytime I hear a fuckin plane now shit
u know I make a lot of sense but u just cant admit it
When Eminem went against Trump that was tha illest
Cause even though hes white he let us know he standin with us
Im not racist but I cry a lot
u dont know what its like to be in a frying pot
u dont know what its like to mind ur business
& get stopped by tha cops & not know if u bout to die or not
u worry bout ur life so u take mine
I love u but I fuckin hate u at tha same time
I wish we could trade shoes or we could change lives
So we could underst& each other more but thatd take time
Im not racist its like we livin in tha same buildin but splittin tha both sides
Im not racist but theres two sides to every story & now u know mine

Cant erase tha scars with a bandage
Im hoping maybe we can come to an understanding
Agreed or disagreed we could have an understanding
Im not racist
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