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Song :  A Love Story
Singer : Ryan Oakes
Produced : Kevin Peterson
Official Site : BBCSongs.Com
Release Date :  Sep 18, 2016
Country : USA
Language : ENGLISH

A Love Story – Ryan Oakes Video Song Online

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I remember the first date
Movies then home it was a classic
You told me to kiss you it was late and I still hadn’t
I went in for the kiss who woulda known about the static
That we felt at the same time would end up with a drastic impact
Holding you tight I felt alive
Spent years on my own all alone I been deprived
With that perfect connection and someone to call mine
Especially the perfection that you put on the line
It escalated to a second date and then on to a third
It escalated to I love you someone I’ll be putting first
Its complicated that I trust you I been broken up and hurt
But you sedated all the thoughts up in my head to make it work
So why not give it a shot and take a leap
The only time that you’ll fall is when I sweep you off yo feet
Imma give it my all the kinda love that digs deep
Imma be there to call on all those nights you never sleep
I had insecurities until you threw them all away
Happy I was being me and that you took away pain
I promised you I’ll never leave if you could promise me the same
You’re the reason that I breathe baby look what you become
Got no shame
Girl I’m in love and I’ll express it
I thought I’d never fall I guess you were an exception
With the way the worlds going I still got a piece of heaven
Everything I coulda wished for my eleven eleven and that’s real
But things change right?
I thought I said the truth and then I went and switched lanes like
I don’t need love and this music in the same life
I was so naive I could put ’em in the same light
I spoke from the right the heart every second from the start
I never planned on leaving you or ripping everything apart
Now your wearing all my scars staring straight up at the stars
Questioning why it had happened wishing everything was ours

I never meant to lie
I broke it off because I thought my time
With all this music shit was running out
And life was flying by
And you were second guessing everything inside your mind
My excuse was that we gave it everything and that we tried
But sometimes trying isn’t gonna make it work
And sometimes people leave relationships hurt
But this one time I had thought that we wouldn’t for sure
We got one life and I thought I would spend it all with her
Now all we got is memories all we got is memories
And wishing we were meant to be
Hoping that eventually you would see the end with me
Now I’m stuck inside my head and reading every text you ever sent to me
Damn its funny how life goes
We fight through the pain every night and despite those
Lines in the stories of our lives we write those
Every single time even if we don’t like those
Its new years now my phone rings and I left to go and check it
Almost hit delete but I hit play and heard the message
You were drunk as hell it coulda got to you you let it
Drunk words are sober thoughts so I’m still happy that you said it
Hearing that you missed me almost made me feel pathetic
But that’s everything that’s echoing inside my fucking head it
Its life throwing us second chance at least that’s how I read it
As a chance to try this all again to go and make an edit
We can’t change the past but we can change the way we end it
Girl they say that time is money you’re the reason that I spend it
Thinking all ’bout the future and the ways that I’ll amend it
And incorporate you into it
It’s time to stop pretending
It can’t work its time to stop blowing through the signs
Telling us to slow down go reverse and rewind
Cause I think I know now that it hurt but we fine
Girl you make me so proud when I can say you’re mine so
Here’s to another door being opened
And fixing all the pain
That a company debrokened
Heart ain’t the same
But I’m sick of all this choking
Happening inside my brain
I’m just living in the moment
Girl if we been chosen
We can run away from fade
I can fly you to the moon
And if you’re still in need of space
Don’t let emptiness consume you
I’m right here and imma stay
To make sure I try to blew you
Until your own saving grace
I got a lotta upon my plate
I don’t wanna eat alone
See I’m here to lift the weight
If going through life on your own
I’d rather do it late then never
Girl I still see room to grow
We’ve been through these great endeavors
We’ve still got plenty more to roam
So its time to let it go
Give in and get a grip
Baby what’s a crazy life without learning to take risks?
Baby what’s a crazy life without accepting what we did?
And taking everything infront of us
And loving what it is
Fast forward to the present
Its feeling like its heaven
I was stuck up in a jar
You were my entire depressant
Everytime I saw you
I lit up and got florescent
Baby everytime I saw you
Was your new greatest impression
Down since day one
Let’s make it work and take the mission
That I’d rather die laying right by your side of every minute
The best part of the story
Is that its still isn’t finished
Then and I pray to God
That this isn’t the only chapter written
I’m gone


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