Black Superhero Car – Smoke DZA & Pete Rock Lyrics Video Song

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Black Superhero Car – Smoke DZA & Pete Rock ft Rick Ross Video Song Listen and read lyrics. Tag: Black Superhero Car – Smoke DZA Full Music Out Now Listen, Black Superhero Car – Smoke DZA Audio Video Song Download and lsiten from bbcsongs bookmark this site!

Song : Black Superhero Car
Singer : Smoke DZA & Pete Rock
Featuring : Rick Ross
Album : Don’t Smoke Rock
Produced : Pete Rock
Official Site : BBCSongs.Com
Release Date : Nov 29, 2016
Country : USA
Language : English

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Black Superhero Car Lyrics

2 o’clock in the morning
and the sun shining bright
nigga on this side Dizzle.
Uh praying all my niggas live long
pray all my niggas rich forever
you heard me? We black kings
you heard me?
Nigga Ethiopian descent uh

I’m from this lil part of Harlem shit is like Iraq
Young boy barking but his gat bite back
Nigga playing you will lay life facts
Take Eric Gardner killer give me sean price back
Where that dour actually light that
Cali broad showing me her new boobs on iChat
Headlights beaming she all excited
Can’t wait for me to touch her give her that Midas
Livest living legend Larry Zbyszko
Unleash the pitbulls it’s lit though
Some niggas tried to play ’em
He did nothing left ’em laying
I had to kill my son like Kanan
Niggas playing with
the wrong knife in the drawer
Money on your head
put your life on the wall
I be visioning things
As I’m lighting up
this skittle in the 600 Benz

Big figures way before rap
all black 600 Benz
Big nigga lighting that pack
lay back counting my ends (x2)

She’s a seeker of perfection
she should start with her soul
What makes you a soldier?
How quick you climb out a hole
Threw us under the basement
now it’s penthouses and homes
Food stamps and Medicaid raised every nigga I know
Give you the signal when the cigars get lit
Now we owning our masters on some mobster shit
Another Benz got the Beamer with the doors up
Case of blunts half a pound reeking on the tour bus
I’d rather walk than ride with a pussy nigga
Corns and callouses with pride in my Gucci slippers
Can’t be talking global to a bitch who local
Can’t be rolling up smoking
just to pass niggas your roaches
Why you making threats
never busting a hammer
Niggas sleeping on me
heavy starches pajamas
You’re looking at a hustler with a cause
Remember a nigga name but
call me the fucking boss

Big figures way before rap
all black 600 Benz
Big nigga lighting that pack
lay back counting my ends (x2)

Counting my ends like
May-may-maybach Music (x5)

New-new-new York shit
New-new-new York shit (x3)