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Song:  Too Much
Singer: Caskey
Official Site: BBCSongs.Com
Release Date:  Jul 02, 2016
Country: USA
Language: ENGLISH

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Too Much Lyrics

Bag up the zippy
I’m going hippy
The dope is so budder, it’s Jiffy
I got here quickly so now i’m gonna be here til 2050
So please don’t fuck with me i’m high
The streets full of snakes
Gotta move through them swiftly
Most people are sheeps
And for that reason i am forever trippy
Back to work then i’m out the house
Counted out so many times
I couldn’t count the doubt
Got two bad bitches giving mouth to mouth
I’m feeling like the hottest rapper ever out the South
Like Wayne, Trae, Pimp C, without the cloud
I’ma serve the whole city pull ’em out the drought
They never on
When they out, they out
They talking like what they ’bout, they ’bout
They really lost, they without the route
Always doing too much
Bitches in the city always try’na pursue us
I just poured a hundred dollar lean inside of two cups
Fuck the other side
Know somebody wanna shoot us
We don’t be with broke boys who ain’t ever knew us

We are not beefing with the broke boys
I just pulled up in a Rolls Royce
Birdman gave me no choice
Smoke one, let these hoes rotate like the wheel
I’m so high i ain’t ever coming down off the hill
I don’t touch the lean unless i bust that bitch out the seal
I just fucked two hoes, i don’t give a fuck how they feel
Swear i ain’t never call too much
My homie on the pill doing too much
We at the trap house moving too much
Bitches on my phone always doing too much
Those who got the most to say never really do much
I swear they doing too much
Ya, somebody run the city
I’m like, who us
When it come to the weed, to the money,
to the pussy,
i could never have too much

Left out the crib and then came back in the Bentley
Bad bitches tempt me
Second i give in, she know i ain’t fucking her gently
Devilish smile but got the voice of an angel
I don’t know who sent me
Looked at my closet, i’m thinking
bout swapping all this shit i got for Jah Vinci
Live by the Code i’m Da Vinci
Stay with the blade on me think that i’m Kenshin
Pop me shroom now i’m jumping dimensions
Got these hoes all in my mentions
Made me a model from pouring up the Hennessy
I don’t need nobody to tell me that that’s the remedy
Some of these rappers really not who they pretend to be
Don’t need to meet ’em
Feel it all in they energy
I can see the signs, man it’s all in assembly
Hit the homie Plies and we draw on the enemy
I ain’t got the time trying to stall what is meant to be
Every time i drop it’s like the song of the century
Talking about the greatest and you flaw not to mention me
Fuck it tho

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