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Big B’s” Sung & Composed By Chance The Rapper from Latest Single track lyrics Big B’s 2017 track audio/video listen Chance The Rapper – Big B’s full video song listen & share.

Worked on new mp3 project Chance The Rapper New Music release “Big B’s – Chance The Rapper” Track 2017 Song Composed & Lyrics given by Chance The Rapper Video Produced & Director Chance The Rapper.

Song: Big B’s
Singer : Chance The Rapper
Featuring : Young Thug
Official Site : BBCMetro
Release Date : July 15, 2017
Country : USA
Language : English

Big B’s Lyrics

[Table: Ung Thug]
Big Bentleys
Like an opp said big Bentleys~ U know what Im saying f(u)cks
Yeah~ now watch me

[Table: Ung Thug]
Handful of homies~ real big Bentleys
Hublot~ niggas bit em
Whole lotta hoes~ niggas women~ heh
Stuffed with a pole~ come and get Ur women nigga
Big business~ talk shit Wendy Williams~ ooh
Catch em at the club sipping~ f(u)ck around the missing~ hold on
Big pimping~ I just got my crew on mission~ complete
Pimp C~ I aint doing that~ Ima f(u)ck her on the sheets~ yeah
And all my niggas loyal like Bun B~ hold on
f(u)ck U thought~? YSL till we d-i-e~ hold on~ hold on
f(u)ck around and set the bitch off like Queen Latifah
Hold on~ hold on~ yeah~ going out like my dog Scooby
And a nigga trap door swinging like Bizzy B~ woah
Outdated temporary tag on a Bentley B (Bentley B)
Two tone wire bag~ double R~ park it on the streets~ yeah~ hold on
Two tone wire bag~ big tires tear up the streets~ rwar
Looking at Ur kid~ I might be the papi
65 pointers and the Cuban cheeks (damn~ woah~ sheesh)
Diamonds on the backside tearing up my skin~ sheesh
Uh~ Ur old man tryna do it like me~ sheesh

[Table: Chance The Rapper]
Please~ please
Treat me like U know who I am
Please~ please
Bitch I know who I am~ uh

[Table: Chance The Rapper]
I got money on my card
Put some money on they books~ thats a yard
I declare war on the beast for my God~ sheesh
Gross 3 mil off the new hat
If I could go back~ I make the two cap
Love me in my city like Cusack
Get a little beat~ now Ill loop that
Get a little money~ Ill hoop that
Split it with my niggas in the group chat
Left for a minute then I flew back
Had to ask Bruce “where the truth at~?”
Had to ask Ron “where the truth at~?”
Now I cant ride with the roof back
Tell em I dont play around with other peoples kids
Got an office in the steakhouse
Gotta bid for the ribs
Got a meeting at the Ritz
Gave a trip to my rib
Cause she leaving where I live but I see her in a min
Got a Michael prayer card for the good luck~ ay
Bra push up when I pull up~ ay
Got a little money from the tour~ yeah
Spend it all on baby pull ups~ ay
Big old Bentley~ bitch I mix the Henny with the Simply
Lemonade exterior~ Lorenzos under Bentleys
Put U in the friend zone if U start acting too friendly
Bought a baby Benzo its a kidzo just for Kensli
Wake up real early but I eat late
Go and hit the streets with that brief case
Time to shake down another cheap skate
U could tell hes lying~ cheesecake

[Table: Ung Thug]
Make a nigga bitch jump out
Then put U in the fours with the real big body
Bitch said nigga need to stop got 100 racks on me
Cant fit in my pocket
Im a street nigga~ Ima eat~ we suit~ Ima let my bitch eat bossy
Told yall niggas aint stopping
Black card in my wallet~ Ima feed my partner
I was at one of my shows feeling like Camron with the pink Margielas
We was tryna be the murder capital~ riding around the town with the pink Beretta
When I got in touch with the money~ me and shawty f(u)cked around and flipped my schedule
Momma just sent me a bitch who got (~?) through my God damn nana
Ung nigga f(u)cked around~ dropped out school~ learned it all through the ID channel
Ung nigga f(u)cked around and ranned out of bullets in the .40~ got to get a banana
Deez Ung niggas go brazy~ done got that money~ they still might pop
So many blue faces on me right now~ Ung nigga still gambling
35 racks for the factories~ I steal mammals
I aint no rapper nigga~ I teach ya
Im a big dog~ no pedigree~ I eat racks
Boomarang Ur bitch~ she coming back

[Table: Chance The Rapper]
Please~ please
Treat me like U know who I am
Please~ please
Bitch I know who I am~ uh
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