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Chris Rivers - Shook Ones FreestyleChris Rivers – Shook Ones Freestyle Video Song Listen and read lyrics. Chris Rivers – Shook Ones Freestyle Full Music Out Now Listen, Chris Rivers – Shook Ones Freestyle Audio Video Song lsiten from BBCMetro bookmark this site.

Shook Ones Freestyle” Sung & Composed By Chris Rivers from Latest Single track lyrics Shook Ones Freestyle 2017 track audio/video listen Chris Rivers – Shook Ones Freestyle full video song listen & share.

Worked on new mp3 project Chris Rivers New Music release “Shook Ones Freestyle – Chris Rivers” Track 2017 Song Composed & Lyrics given by Chris Rivers Video Produced & Director Chris Rivers.

Song: Shook Ones Freestyle
Singer : Chris Rivers
Official Site : BBCMetro
Release Date : July 6, 2017
Language : English

Shook Ones Freestyle Lyrics

I be my papi seed~ wait~ bagel bread getter
On my A game like red letter scarlet shit~ scholarships
Coulda been a mathmatician~ f(u)ck I be the rap magician
Pullin~ ratchets outta hats & let em~ clap like classic disses