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Blu & Exile Constellations Video Song Listen and read lyrics. Blu & Exile – Constellations Full Music Out Now Listen, Blu & Exile – Constellations Audio Video Song lsiten from BBCMetro bookmark this site. Constellations” Sung & Composed By Blu & Exile from Album In the Beginning: Below the Heavens Latest Single track lyrics Constellations 2017 track audio/video listen Blu & Exile – Constellations full video song listen & share.

Worked on new mp3 project Blu & Exile New Music release “Constellations – Blu & Exile” Track 2017 Song Composed & Lyrics given by Blu & Exile Video Produced & Director Blu & Exile.

Song: Constellations
Singer : Blu & Exile
Album : In the Beginning: Below the Heavens
Release Date : Sep 15, 2017
Language : English

Constellations Lyrics

[Intro Blu~]
Whats up star~ we know who U are
Whats up star~ we know who U are
Whats up star

[Verse 1 Blu~]
Sometimes~ it feels like Im gone with the wind
So Im blendin in with the breeze
Im speaking out again~ please bear with me
Im zonin out~ once the snare hits me
Cause niggas be ice grillin
I feel these [?~] fit me like gloves
These mean mugs and screwfaces
Got me taking nigga serious [?~]
Whatever Blu laces
Reminds U of the West like Chucks with blue laces
The old and new Lakers
Im showing U a older Blu in hopes that U embrace it
Like a soldier do with gauges
Molding U through pages that I wrote for U
Laid it in the vocal booth
Pressed it up and sold it to the places that U goin to
In hopes that U would take it~ play it over and over
So U get high with it and U feel it when Ure sober
U can cry to it~ sister~ my shitll get U over
My niggas ride with it~ turn it up a little more
And show the world~ and boys and girls sing along
Its a song of liberation~ keep faith and stay strong
Show the world~ boys and girls sing along
Its a song of liberation~ keep faith and stay strong~ allstar

[Chorus ?~]
U shine [?~] Ure blindin em
Theres no crime in being fly [?~]
Most these niggas wont get it
U gotta go get it
Baby Ure a star
In the sky [?~]
Aint no time for bein shy or nothin
Everybody cant live it
U gotta stay with it
Know that Ure a star

[Verse 2 Blu~]
I shine like stars in all weather conditions
Whether storm they glistening~ Im be spittin till they mention me
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