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Charlatan Song 2016 Listen Online HD

Song :  Charlatan
Singer : Convictions
Official Site : BBCSongs.Com
Release Date :  Aug 14, 2016
Country : USA
Language : ENGLISH

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Charlatan – Convictions Video Song Online

Charlatan Lyrics

Kick me when I’m down
Cast me out when I am lost
This isn’t who you said you were
You said you were my teacher; my leader
I still believe in the words that you preach
You speak the word from a pulpit
yet point a finger like I am a culprit
Instead of pulling me up you put me down
You always put me down
This isn’t who you said you were
I won’t be fooled any longer
Men like you give Christ a bad name
Only in it for the fame
I won’t be naive
You are the reason many people don’t believe
You chose to deceive
I won’t be naive
We share the same beliefs but you should practice what you preach
You’re pride runs as deep as the plank in your own eye
This isn’t who you said you were
I won’t be fooled any longer
Stand tall when others weep before your feet
“But don’t forget to pay your offering before you leave
” If God is for me then you’ll never stand against me
I’ll pave my own road build a house on stone
plant a seed in the ground where
I buried your crown

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