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Worked on new mp3 project Tay-K New Music release “Coolin – Tay-K” Track 2017 Song Composed & Lyrics given by Tay-K Video Produced & Director Tay-K.

Song: Coolin
Singer : Tay-K
Produced : Dilip & Danny Wolf 0:00
Release Date : Sep 15, 2017
Language : English

Coolin Lyrics

Aye dilip fuck em up man
Da~danny wolf

Bitch I get the work & I make it do a backflip
Fuckin with lil Tay~K~ nigga do U want a casket
Tay~K ate the beat now the DJ wanna backspin
Niggas pull up on me~ make em bounce like a mattress
Fuck her~ pull up on me~ its gon get real tragic
Need to get up~ like a fuckin Y axis
While a nigga down~ like a nail on some facts
Sippin on drop~ I cannot sip molasses
Punch a nigga now he Velma~ where my glasses
Used to hate school~ I was late to the classes
Hit from the blunt~ she say Tay~k take it pass it
Make a nigga have a meltdown~ if he plastic

Nigga U on some stupid shit
Pull up on yo block with broken clips
Killa made me have to do this shit
That life of Urs U will lose that shit
She says Im a lunatic
Chopper with the cooling kit
Have the chopper~ Im a fool with it
Have the glocka~ nigga~ & U get hit
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