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Song : Crank That
Singer : Rico Recklezz
Featuring : Soulja Boy Diss
Album : Realer Than Words 2
Produced : Kritikal Dyverse
Official Site : BBCSongs.Com
Release Date : Nov 12, 2016
Country : USA
Language : English

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Crank That Lyrics

obviously Rap Tracks ah range Rico
regular is hope because I’ll finish
watch me cocktails motherfucker back
land and we know you ain’t no soldier
boy you ain’t no soldier boy you ain’t
no so the bun Rico right listen is hope
quid off in watch me cock this

motherfucker you ain’t no soldier but
you also the barn
you ain’t no soldier your soda and we
never go to war you niggas game is

already sucking no dig what is therefore
becoming correcting like the boogeyman
Shadrach landlord around war

freestanding poster find a store making
social benefits whole life trying to act
like you won’t smoke one damn well he

put their time you pop out he can pull
the same sad little man you gonna fuck
around you that you take a picture that
drink going on damn well you’re told
better ask around check my background
I’m a bloody hell for that though let’s
clap around you get him

no dancing after their flight on the
internet talking like a killer but
you’re super lock your dough you had a
hit but now you’re overweight i was your
around no more taking these breasts out
from shower and get your lifestyle my
legs I can’t put the pipe down

yes I microrna yes pipe down please make
sure what pipe down
look for something longer right now no
credit cooling right now

whiskey ward not feel drink brands in a
couple moved away their homeland but I
heard what Kelly now we’re so you think
your blood now that’s a trip to South
Central boy is there a shower right

location right now based on your member
or friend biggest city bottom but they
will be in a crowded sweet and nice most
glamorous or something what am I need to
tell you watch that he’s make a bow

hunter wears never liked your ex been
don’t you back Mac don’t know my hand to
check back going to the scary as a way
to help reduce little boy and play

around your wrist to my name is a
fucking mouth after i had a winter games
outside to help your phone call nes
kappa now take a one-to-one we can fight

it out myself you can come welcome now
black-winged I make no bad we’re like
like no bear like like me back /a a
reckless Ricky out you’ll say say say
little reckless motherfucking

fucking Rock racks without to run like
want to take that allows you go ladies