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Song : Dili Ballım
Singer : Hacer Tülü
Söz & Müzik : Yıldız Tilbe
Düzenleme : Osman Çetin
Yönetmen : Tamer Aydoğdu
Official Site : BBCSongs.Com
Release Date : Oct 19, 2016
Country : Turkey
Language : Turkish

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Dili Ballım Lyrics

Huy to get out civ my
tongue My honey
creek hill now I
Oh I get lost in the plains
could not find how kissed my lips
falling from my shoulders to my mind

Love pulled over bi infatuation
you have half of me
I’m going to die for the sake of
this crazy dream Ask gonna end up
hooked my life
Wish I opened the trees go go

I’m gonna burn in January
I’m going to heat water
Tanyeri dawn
you’ll close
my name will
crack you is people

I love my T-painted affection
Procedure procedure kiss my
bit you this tormented
city stops will award the expedition
does not state that the period to Do