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Worked on new mp3 project DJ Shadow New Music release “Horror Show – DJ Shadow” Track 2017 Song Composed & Lyrics given by DJ Shadow Video Produced & Director DJ Shadow.

Song: Horror Show
Singer : DJ Shadow
Featuring : Danny Brown
Official Site : BBCMetro
Release Date : July 7, 2017
Language : English

Horror Show Lyrics

Im Einstein~ Im too blind to lose shine
Too lit with two bitches in due time
Spiritless like ~ thats real shit
Lemonless like when them chemicals mix
Im mentally unfit~ Im physically
like walrus
Put tha D on her like Warrick
for tha porridge
Porsche store it
watch me
Calamari in with tha swordfish
Penthouse enormous
Doing blow garments
Smoke so much I think I need a of it
Written like Shakespeare on a top tier
To be or not to be~ what tha question is
Im blacked out off tha medicine
Im heaven sent but hell bent
got her Pu$$y wetter than whale piss
Hoe getting money~ know Ur deal bitch bitch
With a bag of drugs looking like trail mix
On tha road to ~ got it mapped out
til a nigga black out

Welcome to my horror show