Encrypt & Decrypt Text Online Free Download



Text Crypter is designed to crypt your text with numerous unique Unicode types, then copy and paste into whatever you like. We should mention out of the gate that this isn’t an encrypting tool although the name might make you think so.

Once you select a style, or random, press “CRYPT” and an example appears with the words “Test String,” so you can see what it looks like in advance. Once you find a style you like just type what you want.

Settings allow you to set Text Crypter on top or convert text to the clipboard. You have to select your text manually, then copy and paste it. A “copy to clipboard” setting would be nice here. Converting text to clipboard also requires you paste it in making that function almost redundant.

Text Crypter is just a fun way to type in a different way. It’s free and it’s portable. I’m sure it has plenty of fun uses. We’re thinking anywhere you want to stand out including social media and comment threads.