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Song: Get It
Singer: Mally Bandz
Featuring: Rich The Kid
Produced: Lau & LaRon
Official: BBCMetro
Release Date: Nov 21, 2017
Language: English

Worked on new mp3 project Mally Bandz New Music release “Get It – Mally Bandz” Track 2017 Song Composed & Lyrics given by Mally Bandz Video Produced & Director Mally Bandz. “Get It” Sung & Composed By Mally Bandz from Album AlbumName Latest Single track lyrics Get It 2017 track audio/video listen Mally Bandz – Get It full video song listen & share.

Get It Lyrics

[Intro: Rich tha Kid~]
yeeh yeeh yeeh yeeh
u know what time it is
Im fucking geekd its 12

[Chorus: Mally Bandz~]
Ooh yeeh (talk that shit!) ooh yeeh (rich forever shit!)
Ooh yeeh (huhh huhh!) ooh yeeh (huhh woah!)
Ooh yeeh ooh yeeh (x2!)
& my momma said im gon get it im gon get it (yuh!)
Im gon get it yeeh im gon get it

[Verse 1: Mally Bandz~]
I know imma get it
Pitch a hoe than u know that im dippin
Pour it up soda im sippin
Rari look like its missing an engine
Thats my bitch she aint nothing but a pigeon
She said she religious she suck dick like she just won a ribbon
Hundreds blue nigga no I aint crippin
Bitch I ball like a Piston
Diamonds fighting like thay Sonny Liston
We sold out I dont think thay can listen
Know some niggas still up in tha kitchen
& no thay aint washing no dishes
Call up just so u swam with tha fishes
Spending 2K im forming bridges
thase niggas burning thay bridges
Me I cannot do no switchin
My shooter pull up with precision

[Chorus: Mally Bandz~]
Ooh yeeh ooh yeeh (x4!)
& my momma said im gon get it im gon get it
Im gon get it yeeh im gon get it (x3!)

[Verse 2: Rich tha Kid~]
Rich forever on gang imma get it (what!)
Grab tha pot with a fork imma hit it (whip!)
u been rapping ten years need to quit it
I was 17 driving my Benz (skir skir!)
Talk money rich forever on tha chain now
Got ur bitch ass up with her face down (lil bih!)
Hit a lick on tha plug thats a touchdown (plug!)
Fuck nigga thay were hating got a check now (huhh!)
Ooh she wanna give me tha coochie
I wanna bust on her boobies (bitch!)
Ooh bet u im gon get tha top
Top down in tha coupe (skir skir!)
Im with Mally she want molly
Me & my niggas hit a lick & split it (we split it!)
I was broke but now im gon get it (gon get it!)
New freezer got my wrist on fridges (rich!)

[Chorus: Mally Bandz~~]
Ooh yeeh ooh yeeh (x4!)
& my momma said im gon get it im gon get it
Im gon get it yeeh im gon get it (x3!)
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