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Good Night – Beanie Sigel Video Song Listen and read lyrics.

Song : Good Night
Singer : Beanie Sigel
Album : Bink!
Official Site : BBCSongs.Com
Release Date : Oct 8, 2016
Country : USA
Language : English

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Good Night Lyrics

Forgive them for they know not what they’ve done
Forgive me for what I will do

Let me see besides my life nigga I got my wife
Shakur Samer Amar Latif
My moves on
I gotta Sina Gina Jaylyn
And I got Wyleak I got my mother
My sisters my brother
I got my nephews and all my nieces
Think I’m gonna let that just fall to pieces?
Gotta keep that glued together
I got no room for error
Absent Five gave me my survival skills
So if I gotta rob and steal to provide the meals so be it
Nigga this only a stick up
Don’t turn it into an ambulance pick up
Get that shit up
Or feel around from all the nights I suffered
With no supper just Wonderbread and butter
One bed four deep
No heat my little covers
Shivering laying in the piss of my little brother
Motherfucker you got me twisted
Think your little bitch ass gonna stop my mission
Leave me with no pot to piss in?
Blocks of cheese powder milk is how we stocked the kitchen
Mom out skitzing but ain’t smoke no crack her addiction
Was talking and black jack
My pop up state kept steaks and jack mack
Too young to understand that daddy ain’t coming back
Being the oldest boy I had to step in his shoes
I skipped class in the Hard Knox is where I was schooled
I’ve been shot by the police harassed by parolees
Fell in a state of depression damn near O.D.’d
Feeling guilty if only I could foresee
That I’d be the reason you niggas is drinkin’ codeine
Before Future started sipping on that yellow tuss’
I clip your life shorter than that yellow bus
You target put that beam on your back
Me! The reason beaver leaned on the ack
Me! The reason Philly even on the map
Me! The reason your silly ass rap
I’m greatful motherfuckers
And I tried to give you some game that Jay gave me
To make the transition from the streets to the fame
You got a little fame and tried add street to your name
It ain’t the same
I’m battlefield tested wounds all over my body
Where your scars at?
Ride for my niggas willing to die
What’s your life like
Feel it in the air
Where them bars at?
You ain’t been through shit! you can’t record that
The respect I get you can’t afford that
You ain’t been through wars hugging your boys cryin’
Might not make it back but you ride? You lyin’
And that shit you write it don’t excite me
I push your shit to the white meat
Don’t you ever think you’re like me
I’m the dad you never had
What’s your problem nigga? I’m like your father figure
And with that being said daddy’s here to put the kids to bed
Now get your ass upstairs
And I better not hear that TV on
S.P. chasing niggas with that D.C. on
And whoever siding with him dyin’ with him
Look him in his eyes right now try with him
When you come to the city you’re like cancer
You were damn near in Pamper’s it was me and the answer
Your own niggas can’t stand you
Cause when you ain’t around they look like hunger
Ask Young Gunner forgot he got the Bentley damn near summer
Had copies of keys to where I got my slumber
You should’ve left me asleep
You done woke up a sleeping giant with your arrogant defiance
Youngin’ respect more valuable than money
And I’m well connected all cross the country
Fuck you think that Jet gonna land at
When the whole city strapped up where you stand at
No need to make music ever in my life
I’m Muslim I just beat you twice

The sad thing is I really fuck with ya
I just feel sorry for whoever stuck with ya
Good luck to ya
Nigga please youngin’ I’m out your league
I’m out your field let’s be for real
I could keep going but that’s overkill
I guess I’ll see you when I see you
And when I see you I wouldn’t want to be you

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