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Worked on new mp3 project Brain New Music release “How Can U Sleep – Brain” Track 2017 Song Composed & Lyrics given by Brain Video Produced & Director Brain.

Song: How Can U Sleep
Singer : Brain
Featuring : The Game & Lil Dicky
Album : I’m Brain
Produced : Jamil “Digi” Chammas & Charlie Handsome
Official Site : BBCMetro
Release Date : Sep 15, 2017
Language : English

How Can U Sleep Lyrics

[Intro Lil Dicky~]
AKA homicide
Yes~ homicide

[Verse 1 Lil Dicky~]
OGs knew I had it poppin
IG lookin Photoshopish (its lit~ its real~)
They just cant take charge so they floppin
New shit looking like its knocking
Rap game~ not a game~ well I aint broke so its cast off
Really I been keepin shit a hunnid like the Cubbie tryin to close it with a fast ball
I dont even do this shit for money but they buying it in droves like its half-off
If Dicky gotta show out there
u know he bout to show out there
Rol on my arm
Russ on a farm
Piston~ new guard
They put the boy on the Jumbotron
Just to pump up the crowd
At my ten year reunion~ like look at me now
Having good sex on the reg
New Tempur-Pedic~ my bed
All of my lawyers are black
Shit is ironic as hell
But I guess that what happens when Jews started rappin
Used to have turtles~ no wonder Im snappin
Used to commercial~ right~ used to play Madden
No wonder they let me do both for a bag
I was not in a frat~ I had never conformed
In a 2000 cab I had never performed
I aint takin no Ls
Fuck what u sell
I barely pay for my drinks~ doin well
I tell em there is no need for the glitz
I dont need sparklers~ they know that Im it
Im on top of the world~ fuck all these girls
I prefer momma to play with my curls
I can tell all of u rappers aint thorough
Head hit the pillow and boom its tomorrow
But how can u sleep? (ew~ ew~)

[Hook Lil Dicky~]
How can u sleep? (ew~)
How can u sleep? (gross~ how?~)
How can u sleep? (how? ew~)
How can u sleep? (how? gross~)
How can u sleep? (how? ew~)
u still asleep

[Verse 2 The Game~]
How many bitch ass rappers I gotta slap till they put on Worldstar?
Even though Q passed away
Pull a 38 out of my pocket and then cock it
Leave a nigga on an island like he in cast away
Cock strong since them old Doc songs
Like an old Pac song~ outta my mind
The lights on~ but Im not home
Something is wrong with me
I done brought six strippers from Vegas home with me
Trees bought game to getting blown with me
FaceTime with Karrueche~ they on the phone with me
Tell K good night~ Im hype~ I might ignite
Plastic cups~ Promethazine and Sprite
Man I dont really know whos song is this
Whos weed Im stealing and whos bong is this
And I dont really give a fuck cause I keep the ammo tucked and u can keep on swinging from my nuts
But dont say I cant rap like Im not a Rap God
Like I wont break ur fucking favorite rappers rap jaw
I dont give a shit
Big or tall~ short or small
Ill cut ur dick off and sit it on Trumps wall
This spraypaint “Fuck the President” its evident
Hip Hop dead~ them new niggas irrelevant
Different color braids~ u niggas stuck in the maze
Aint grew up by a beach~ so u rot in the wave
Man~ Im so glad that Guwop out
And rap fans still give a fuck what 2Pac bout
Im right here~ I dont give a fuck who hop out
Dont let Mark Zuckerberg get u knocked out
And dont try me over IG
Dont try to be subliminal and get it by me
Im a criminal~ Ill leave u hooked to a IV
Next to Jimmy Iovine over hood shit~ but-

[Verse 3 Lil Dicky~]
u can start a rap shit
I aint never lost at that shit
Let me clear it up~ Proactive
I could walk up in this motherfucker looking everybody dead up in the eye~ like we can rap for that shit
ull get embarrased
Ill be in Paris~ dont compare us
Flow the rarest
Got bitches in the bed room~ over sharing
Got an Aussie and a Brit like I’m going with Sharon
So apparent~ Heir apparent
But I dont want it next
Someone tell Complex it aint complex
And what u lookin at is now like a Timex
I am checked the on now off the clock like compound
Im really adamant~ ure really adequate
Im really passionate~ Im Billy Madison
Im the motherfucking graduate
Twenty ten with a pen~ I didnt plan this shit
My plan legit~ I manuscript it
It was living by the candle stick
But for the plaques I had to mantle it
All my friends thought Dicky was a joke
Now they tryin to see a show
Now they out of breath~ try to speak good
I remember everyone that didnt think I could
Every publicist who thought that I was mocking hood
Look what what u were tryin to stopping jerk
Look who tryin to rap now
I dont even fuck with u
If whats done is done~ how come I aint done with u?
And if its fucking done~ come on how dumb is u?
Let me get another tissue
Ill be crying till the fucking bank pull that card again
From Charlamagne to Busta~ Game~ to Puff~ to Sway [?~]~ from Snoop to Chainz~ its all the same
Aint no debate~ they know who fake~ they know who great
u dont know ur place
Cameras around me~ they dont know ur place
Shooters around me cause I am a tank
I got em shooting they movie
I could meet a bitch on a Tuesday
Girls come to me
Dont got jewelry
Dont feel bad when I bust in my jacuzzi
Dont eat ass but it still be lookin juicy
Front page~ coming at u like a newsie
Hoes didnt choose me~ now Im choosing
Now I got a Jap on knees like sushi
Lil dick got vert~ no Uzi
I might just pop that coochie~ bruh
OGs knew I had it poppin
How can u sleep? Ew
How can u sleep?
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