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Hasta Luego ” Sung & Composed By J.I.D from Album Latest Single track lyrics Hasta Luego 2017 track audio/video listen J.I.D – Hasta Luego full video song listen & share.

Worked on new mp3 project J.I.D New Music release “Hasta Luego – J.I.D” Track 2017 Song Composed & Lyrics given by J.I.D Video Produced & Director J.I.D.

Song: Hasta Luego
Singer : J.I.D
Produced : CuBeatz & WondaGurl
Official Site : BBCMetro
Release Date : July 11, 2017
Country : USA
Language : English

Hasta Luego Lyrics

Hasta luego~ Im finna break through

I live my~ I live my life~ I been chasing check & I never get it
Been around it~ seen it~ never had it
Mama~ daddy~ whole family~ broke family
Ima get it~ told em Ill f(u)ckin h&le it & murder the game so the service c&le lit
Emergency lane & Im swerving~ damaging the whip~ but shit~ f(u)ck it
Had to get out of Atlanta for a little minute~ U know that
I thought it was love here~ I thought I was good~ Im stuck in the mud here
Im looking for drugs~ Im looking for big butts with the good hair
Or a ten-piece hot lemon pepper sprinkled~ fries crinkled~ thats the lingo
If thats Ur girlfriend~ she acting single
I caught the past like Im ocho cinco
I hit the gas~ damn ocho cinco~ like 85
Its like 8 or 9 o clock
My nine cocked
If U on my guap~ I wont stop til they boy go pop
They wont stop til they boy like pop
They just pop til they brain fall out
They never know what I be talking about
I only do it cause they never really talking about it~ bout~ bout it
Turn the music louder~ louder
How the f(u)ck did anyone assume the God the son [?]
Im the spoon that fed the hungry
St& for something~ fall for nothing~ all or nothing
Yall niggas balling~ huh?
Just to find out that shit is all for nothing

I been going crazy~ somebody pray for me
Take a second~ take a knee~ itll mean everything
Itll mean everything to me

I tell em get out the way~ Im finna take it to em
Hasta luego~ we finna make a move
Give me a break~ what is U saying to em?
Give me the K~ Im finna spray the room
Im finna spray the room

Ok~ everybody rich~ everybody straight~ yeah~ everybody ballin
I never had shit~ mind over matter~ outside~ I cant call it
All my niggas finna get a job~ or they already got it
Couple trapping~ couple catching bodies
Please dont come to East Atlanta~ shawty~ with Ur bullshit & Ur flex cap tryna jugg shit
Nah nigga~ Use a good lick~ be a good guy~ U a good kid
Never really understood this~ but its probably not for me to underst&
I just played the cards I was f(u)cking h&ed & dealt with it like a f(u)cking man
U my nigga then U my nigga then~ then we stick together like we hook & fin
We gon get the chicken while we f(u)cking hens
Dont let any nigga come f(u)ck up the plans
If we gotta ride well then f(u)ck it then~ if a nigga die~ it got out of h&
If I touch the skies then my other guys recognize~ must avenge
Jeopardize~ I publicize~ justified~ when we busted in
When U terrified~ was it televised when them rebel guys started busting heads over what a nigga said or do to J.I.D
These the crazy niggas that I grew up in the shady city that I grew up in
They aint doing shit~ but they doing shit

Hasta luego~ I gotta get up away from here
Hoping that somebody pray for me~ telling U itll mean everything
Everything U know what I mean
[?] working no emergency
I dont wanna be a burden~ yeah
I just really hope U love a nigga when he head away

I tell em get out the way~ Im finna take it to em
Hasta luego~ we finna make a move
Give me a break~ what is U saying to em
Give me the K~ Im finna spray the room
Im finna spray the room

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