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Jay Z ft Gloria Carter - Smile song lyricsJay Z – Smile Video Song Listen and read lyrics. Jay Z – Smile Full Music Out Now Listen, Jay Z – Smile Audio Video Song lsiten from BBCMetro bookmark this site.

Smile” Sung & Composed By Jay Z from Album 4:44 Latest Single track lyrics Smile 2017 track audio/video listen Jay Z – Smile full video song listen & share.

Worked on new mp3 project Jay Z New Music release “Smile – Jay Z” Track 2017 Song Composed & Lyrics given by Jay Z Video Produced & Director Jay Z.

Song: Smile
Singer : Jay Z
Featuring : Gloria Carter
Album : 4:44
Produced : No I.D.
Official Site : BBCMetro
Release Date : June 30, 2017
Language : English

Smile Lyrics

[Table: JAY-Z & Stevie Wonder]
Good morn~ or evening~ friends
Smile~ U recordin~?

[Table: JAY-Z]
Slammin~ Bentley doors like we invented doors
20 years ago we drove Bentley Azures
We drinkin~ Cristal in~ Yeahh
Kept tha trey on me like Chris Paulin~
Drinkin~ Ace of Spade like it~s codeine now
Tryna put a million on tha whole team now
Push through tha pain so we can see new life
So all tha ladies havin~ babies~ see a sacrifice
Mama had four kids~ but she~s a lesbian
Had to pretend so long that she~s a thaspian
Had to hide in tha closet~ so she medicate
Society shame & tha pain was too much to take
Cried tears of joy when U fell in Luv
Don~t matter to me if it~s a him or her
I just wanna see U smile through all tha hate
Marie Antoinette~ baby~ let ~em eat cake

[Table: JAY-Z & Stevie Wonder]
Bad times turn to good memories~ smile
Even when I~m gone & U remember me~ smile
Good times never fade away~ smile
Even if I~m not with U here today~ smile
Good morn~ or evening~ friends
Here~s Ur friendly announcer

[Table: JAY-Z]
Far as draft picks~ my name did not get called
Bet before I go I put a billion on tha board
Hall of Fame Hov~ I did it all without a pen
Y~all knew that was comin~~ I had to remind y~all again~ huhh?
Flyin~ paper planes through tha projects
Now tha whole projects on my jet
Now U see tha real in tha front row
In every one of y~all televised shows
Super facts
Niggas switched sides~ traded pride~ we don~t do all that
A loss ain’t a loss~ it’s a lesson
Appreciate tha pain~ it’s a blessin~

[Table: JAY-Z & Stevie Wonder]
Bad times turn to good memories~ smile
Even when I~m gone & U remember me~ smile
Good times never fade away~ smile
Even if I~m not with U here today~ smile
Good morn~ or evening~ friends

[Table: JAY-Z]
I mastered my aesthatics
I know U often heard me wax poetic
~Bout bein~ back in tha Lexus
But trust me~ that was nothin~
A nigga up in tha hundreds of millions
I have no ceilings~ ah~ this that feelin~~ I~m that boy
Anita Baker~s “U Bring Me Joy”
Slappin~ out of tha toy~ tha separation is clear
In my rear-view mirror~ objects is furthar than thay appear
Oh Yeahh~ I was born with a pair
Playin~ for high stakes
Norman Cake~ he looked up & out of tha Lear
How niggas can~t relate?
Fuck a slice of tha apple pie~ want my own cake
Chargin~ my own fate
Respect Jimmy Iovine
But he gotta respect tha Elohim as a whole new regime
& niggas playin~ for power~ huhh
So our music is ours
Niggas only own houses
Ours was~ “Fuck U~ pay me”
Now it~s~ “Fuck payin~ me~ I pay U
Put tha rest away for Blue”
That blood money~ I giggle @ it
Can~t even support my Mrs. habit
Jewelry shoppin~ in Paris
All y~all jewelers should be embarrassed~ huhh
Blood diamonds drippin~~ we cute
I still ain~t trippin~~ that~s life~ winners & losers
Drug dealers & abusers~ America likes me ruthless
My tharapist said I relapsed
I said~ “Prehaps I Freudian slipped in European whips”
God sent me to break tha chain
I~m tha true & livin~
God in tha flesh~ tha rest of thase niggas is vain
A stain on tha white suit~ inferior IQ
Niggas~ll rip Ur shit off TIDAL just to spite U
Ahhhh~ what did I do?
~Cept try to free U
Niggas~ll Luv U but hate U ~cause thay can~t be U
Dump ~em all in tha baU~ uh
Everybody wave bye to tha guy U thought U could lie to
This was meant to be a haiku~ huhh
But my story~s too wide to fit inside tha line
& too old~ thase that drugs
Heroin flow~ I spaz on tha stove
This is Hov~ no Flex zone~ nigga~ who lied to U?
Look~ U a pedestrian
Don~t ever question tha security I provided U
Oh y~all thought I was washed?
I~m @ tha cleaners
Launderin~ dirty money like tha Teamsters~ huhh
Shout out to Hoffa back home~ he in tha church
When I heard U got booked~ that shit hurt
Feared for U~ bro~ we know tha system don~t work
Take a Ung niggas freedom over some dirt
Yet it~s legal in Colorado
Yeahh~ we deny
Black entrepreneurs~ free enterprise
That~s why it~s a black market~ that~s why it~s called “tha trap”
That~s why it~s called “tha projects” ~cause it~s exactly that!
All thase people was gon~ kill me~ heh
~Cause tha more I reveal me~ tha more thay ~fraid of tha real me
Welcome back Carter~ smile

[Table: Gloria Carter]
Living in tha shadow
Can U imagine what kind of life it is to live?
In tha shadows people see U as happy & free
Because that~s what U want tham to see
Living two lives~ happy~ but not free
U live in tha shadows for fear of someone hurting Ur family or tha person U Luv
tha world is changing & thay say it~s time to be free
But U live with tha fear of just being me
Living in tha shadow feels like tha safe place to be
No harm for tham~ no harm for me
But life is short~ & it~s time to be free
Luv who U Luv~ because life isn~t guaranteed