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JAY-Z - Marcy MeEnglish Singer JAY-Z returned With the brand scene called “Marcy Me“. JAY-Z has dropped hot new track “Marcy Me” Video Song Listen and read lyrics. Marcy Me – JAY-Z Full Music Out Now Listen from BBCMetro bookmark this site.

Marcy Me” Sung & Composed By JAY-Z from Album 4:44 Latest Single track lyrics Marcy Me 2017 track audio/video listen JAY-Z – Marcy Me full video song listen & share.

Worked on new mp3 project JAY-Z New Music release “Marcy Me – JAY-Z” Track 2017 Song Composed & Lyrics given by JAY-Z Video Produced & Director JAY-Z.

Song: Marcy Me
Singer : JAY-Z
Album : 4:44
Produced : No I.D.
Official Site : BBCMetro
Release Date : June 30, 2017
Language : English

Marcy Me Lyrics

Live from Bedford~Stuyvesant
tha livest one representing BK to tha fullest
Bastards duckin~ when Hov be buckin~
Chicken~heads be cluckin~

Back when ratchet was a ratchet & tha vixen was a vixen
& Jam Master Jay was alive I was mixin~
Cookin~ coke in tha kitchen
Back when Rodman was a Piston
Mike was losin~ to Isiah~ but he soon would get his sixth one
Gave birth to my verbal imagination
Assume a virtue if U have not
Or better yet here~s a verse from Hamlet
“Lord~ we know who we are
yeahh~ we know not what we may be”
So maybe I~m tha one or maybe I~m crazy
I~m from Marcy houses~ where tha boys die by tha thous&
Back when Pam was on Martin
yeahh~ that~s where it all started
When Denzel was blottin~ carpet~ I~ll pack a… nine millimeter
When Slick Rick made “Mona Lisa”
When Lisa Bonet was Beyoncé of her day~ I had divas~ y~all
Think I just popped up in this bitch like a fetus? Nah
Pregnant pause~ give U some second thoughts
thare~s room on tha b&wagon~ don~t abort
Marcy me

Marcy me
Streets is my artery~ tha vein of my existence
I~m tha Gotham City heartbeat
I started in lobbies now~ probably with Saudis
Sufi to tha goofies~ I could probably speak Farsi
That~s poetry read a coca leaf from my past
Came through tha bushes smellin~ like roses
I need a trophy just for that
Old Brooklyn not this new shit~ shift feel like a spoof
Fat laces in Ur shoe I~m talkin~ bustin~ off tha roof
Hold a Uzi vertical~ let tha thing smoke
Y~all flirtin~ with death~ I be winkin~ through tha scope
Shout out to all tha murderers turned murals
Plural fuck tha Federal Bureau
Shout out to Nostr& Ave.~ Flushing Ave.~ Myrtle
All tha County of Kings~ may Ur ground stay fertile
Shout out to Big Poppa~ Daddy Kane~ heroes
Thus concludin~ my concerto; Marcy me

Must be in tha air
Oh~ can~t walk away~ I know~ I know
Just tha way I was raised
I know~ I know~ I know
Oh Marcy~ Marcy me
Just tha way I am always gonna be
I ain~t gonna change~ no
Marcy~ Marcy me~ just tha way I am
(Como hás nome~ cavaleiro?
Eu hei nome Todo o Mundo
E meu tempo)