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Song:  Chief Don’t Run
Singer: Jidenna
Official Site: BBCSongs.Com
Release Date:  Aug 18, 2016
Country: USA
Language: ENGLISH

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Chief Don’t Run Lyrics

No the chief don’t run
The chief don’t
No the chief don’t run

Oh the chief don’t run
Oh the chief don’t run (x2)

Before the red cups and the backwoods smoke
Me and mom in the shack in the woods, bro
I was sleepin’ on the floor with the oven door open
While I dreamt about the places that I would go
We were begging ’em to lay up in the foyer
I was sittin’ with the hookers in a motel hallway
Waiting onna blind audition like it’s Broadway
Now these Madams looking like a fleet of foxes
Rat Pack chief of staff like Sinatra
Eat, drink, swank, nigga that’s the mantra
Betta stand when I speak, nigga, fix your posture
Chief don’t run, baby, word to poppa
Wanted me to-be-a lawyer, engineer or doctor
The new Godfather, keep your old mobsters
Matter fact, you can keep your old Oscars
It’s tomorrow never dies now
I’m on yacht with a prince in Dubai now
I’m with the Dalai Lama’s homies in the sky lounge
Cocktails got me loosenin’ my tie now
They say a prophet never honored in his homeland
That’s fine, I’d rather have my own land
Gotta plan for a hundred Roman numerals
Long live the chief, nigga, welcome to your funeral

Oh the chief don’t run
Oh the chief don’t run (x2)

It’s my time, hit the gong out here
They gon’ need to build a bigger wall out here
I live a different set of laws out here
Know my rights even when I’m in the wrong out here
Look what we did with one song out here
Like a locksmith opened every door out here
Ya dealing with a king, not a kong out here
You a pawn, but we can get along out here
You in my house actin’ too free though
We know you foul-nigga, two free throws
Chiefy, chiefy in a new chief cloak
I ain’t even said a word, but my suit bespoke
I got a new agenda, gotta carry through
When your father’s enemies are tryna bury you
And the royal families are tryna mary you
Long live the chief, nigga, welcome to your funeral

Oh the chief don’t run
Oh the chief don’t run (x2)

Everybody wanna run, they don’t want it like us
Paid my dues, but they still tryna Wesley Snipe-us
Tell me why we gon’ still win tonight
Breakin’ bread, we got everybody right

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