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500 Benz” Sung & Composed By Joey Bada$$ Latest Single track Produced by Statik Selektah lyrics 500 Benz 2017 track audio/video listen Joey Bada$$ – 500 Benz full video song listen & share.

Worked on new mp3 project Joey Bada$$ New Music release “500 Benz – Joey Bada$$” Track 2017 Song Composed & Lyrics given by Joey Bada$$ Video Produced & Director Joey Bada$$.

Song: 500 Benz
Singer : Joey Bada$$
Produced: Statik Selektah
Official Site : BBCMetro
Release Date : July 6 2017
Language : English

500 Benz Lyrics

500 Benz
500 Benz
Statik Selektah
500 Benz
500 Benz

[Table 1]
Took tha business class seats back to NYC
Left LAX with a bag of tha THC
Straight reekin~
Nowadays I bounce back each weekend
Shorter days~ longer nights~ from my lack of sleepin~
Thinkin~ when this bi~coastal life is just dreams &
Now a nigga headed west tha cold seasons
Wrist below freezin~ chicks is strip teasin~
thay only suck a nigga when a nigga succeedin~
If she a go~getter than she never will achieve ~em
Best believe~ ~cause all I do is f(u)ckin~ lead ~em
Off in tha right direction~ teacher lent me lessons
Reduce tha stress & balance out tha imperfections
Hundred folded in my lap like many blessings
Every night ~fore I take tha chance~ I ask questions
Somethin~ like~ can you meet me at tha Westin?
& after I f(u)ck you~ girl can I f(u)ck your best friend?
f(u)ck it~ I~m just shootin~ all my shots now
Hard to be humble~ when you ridin~ with your top down
Picture me rollin~ up in my SL500 Benz
Mami sip on tha potion while her hair blowin~ in tha wind
I~m just tryna win but thay hatin~ from tha sideline
thase niggas watch mine like a nigga primetime
I~m ten thous& feet right above your skyline
Sippin~ on tha fine wine~ tha only think I mind mine

500 Benz~ AMG package
~95 classic~ rare Gucci jacket
With tha Cartier glasses~ just to match it
So anytime I~m pullin~ off~ it~s getaway fashion

[Table 2]
Coppers~ll never catch him~ I got hustler~s passion
Chick in my passenger seat~ she lookin~ like she came out tha pageant
& he down for anything that I ask or imagine
So I hit tha corner store & copped a pack of tha Magnums
~Cause I ain~t playin~ no games
Lil R&B chick & I ain~t sayin~ no names
Let her rock tha mic & give a nigga soul brain
By tha time this shit drops she~ll prolly be my old thang
I~m just young & livin~ pullin~ many women
If you was in my shoes~ I bet you couldn~t say you wouldn~t
Been in tha deep end since I got my foot in
Now thase niggas wanna ride tha wave all of a sudden

SL500 Benz with tha AMG package
& tha rare Gucci jacket~ Cartier glasses~ just to match it
Cartier glasses~ just to match it
I said
SL500 Benz with tha rare Gucci jacket
& tha AMG package
Cartier glasses~ just to match it
Match it~ Cartier glasses~ just to match it~ skrrt

500 Benz
Match it
500 Benz
Match it
500 Benz
Match it~ match it
500 Benz
500 Benz