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Kodak Black - My CousinEnglish Singer Kodak Black returned With “My Cousin“. Kodak Black has dropped hot new track “My Cousin” Video Song Listen and read lyrics. My Cousin – Kodak Black Full Music Out Now Listen from BBCMetro bookmark this site.

My Cousin” Sung & Composed By Kodak Black from Album AlbumName Latest Single track lyrics My Cousin 2017 track audio/video listen Kodak Black – My Cousin full video song listen & share.

Worked on new mp3 project Kodak Black New Music release “My Cousin – Kodak Black” Track 2017 Song Composed & Lyrics given by Kodak Black Video Produced & Director Kodak Black.

Song: My Cousin
Singer : Kodak Black
Official Site : BBCMetro
Release Date : June 29, 2017
Language : English

My Cousin Lyrics

My cousin just text me & shit (yeahh Free BG~ rest in peace ~)
He said~ “I just got wet up sitting in my car this morning Cuzzo
I got hit one time but i~m good though~ just letting U know before thase niggas kill me
I Luv U to death & forever. Let me live on as a real sniper

My cousin just got hit up today~ I want to slide though
Even though I~m on house arrest~ I want to ride though
But i go to prison i know my mama~ll cry though
He told me im just telling U i Luv U before I die though

Im in tha studio right now~ Im on ~
I wanna get suited up & tooted up on sniper mode
Every time a nigga get focused~ it be some f(u)ck shit
It throw me off my pivot & make me get on my thug shit
Last year my cousin got hit up & got killed now
I wasn~t even thare but U know a nigga h&le that
Hit him up again this year & i ain~t feeling that
I~m throwed right now cause I don~t know where my feelings at
I don~t know if want to rap or want to pop a cap
But i know U niggas want to see me go right back
But this sniper gang shit in me I~m living like that
U niggas about to make me relapse~ I~m feeling like that

My cousin just got hit up today~ I wanna slide though
Even though I~m on house arrest~ I wanna ride though
But i go to prison i know my mama~ll cry though
He told me I~m just telling U i Luv U before i die though

Soldier like mentality
Going through thase tragedies
Don~t wanna see me happily
Rathar see me raggedy
thay don~t wanna see me get a bag~ thay wanna bag a G
But i go on a clappin~ spree & murk ya whole family
I guess a nigga kept it too real~ that~s why thay mad at me
Sitting back thinking right now I~m smoking Grabba Leaf
Nigga went from wearing baggy jeans to dressing casually
From being on tha newspaper~ now I~m on magazines
I~m chopping it up with master P~ told me keep God first
We doing venues now~ selling out concerts
I~m trying to keep a tunnel vision~ trying to see it his way
But i got blood in my eyes I~m tired of seeing this way
I can~t even sleep skraight~ even on tha Tempurpedic
Why I~m stilling going through it why I~m still fighting demons
Niggas call U pussy when U focused & avoiding shit
We getting this money for no reason~ a nigga trying to enjoy this shit
I got a lil boy & shit~ & i don~t wanna leave dude
Cause thay~ll trick him like thay did me~ that~s what thase skreets do
Niggas outchea playing gangsta & playing police too
I seen tha paperwork & that~s why thay dont kick it like we do
Thats tha same reason U couldn~t come home to seafood
Been moving funny but a nigga just couldn~t read U
Beat was been over with~ looting cause i Luv this beat
Looting for my cousin & my niggas who in custody
Im feeling like its my fault~ feel like its because of me
Was tryna soak tha industry~ i already thugged tha streets
Did my thing a couple nights~ i already earned my stripes
Deeper than rap~ thay f(u)cking with me cause im about that life
U know im head first~ big cuz~ thats why U called me man
But if i go to jail again~ my mama she gone wash her h&s
Im innovating how to play it but its still a slim chance
Cause U will sink in tha s& in tha game without a plan

Aye i swear to god cuz when U called me dog
& U told me that shit dog i said f(u)ck everything
House arrest whatever~ U know what im saying~ i went to looking for my AR i couldn~t find it U know what im saying U know i f(u)ck with tham AR~s & shit
Dracos too heavy & shit
Dracos get too hot
That AR got tha coolin~ center~ tha heat sensor~ know what im saying with tha scope with tha ~
& shit