Kodak Black: Painting Pictures (Album) All Songs Lyrics w/translate

English Album

Singer : Kodak Black
Featuring : Bun B, Future
Album : Painting Pictures
Produceds : Schife & Ben Billions, Go Grizzly, Rex, D Stacks, Ness, NAV, CiceroOnDaBeat & 808dycrazy, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Young Thug
Official Site : BBCSongs.Com
Release Date : Mar 31, 2017
Country : USA
Language : English

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1.Day For Day – Kodak Black
2.Coolin and Booted – Kodak Black
3.Candy Paint – Kodak Black (Ft Bun B)
4.Up In Here – Kodak Black
5.U Ain’t Never – Kodak Black
6.Twenty 8 – Kodak Black
7.Patty Cake – Kodak Black
8.Save You – Kodak Black
9.Conscience – Kodak Black (Ft. Future)
10.Tunnel Vision – Kodak Black
11.Corrlinks and JPay – Kodak Black
12.Reminiscing – Kodak Black (Ft A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie)
13.Side Nigga – Kodak Black
14.Off the Land – Kodak Black
15.Top Off Benz – Kodak Black (Ft Young Thug)
16.Feeling Like – Kodak Black (Ft. Jeezy)
17.Why They Call You Kodak – Kodak Black
18.There He Go – Kodak Black