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Meek Mill - Never Lose
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Meek Mill” Sung By Never Lose Music Composed Never Lose Lyrics Penned Never Lose Album Dreams & Nightmares 2 : Wins & Losses Featuring Lihtz Kamraz Latest Single track Listen and read lyrics Never Lose – Meek Mill 2017 track audio/video listen Never Lose Never Lose – Meek Mill full video song listen & share.

Never Lose – Meek Mill” worked on new mp3 project Never Lose New Music release “Meek Mill” Track 2017 Song Composed & Lyrics given by Never Lose Video Produced & Director Never Lose, Meek Mill Music Listen Full with lyrics.

Song: Never Lose
Singer : Meek Mill
Featuring : Lihtz Kamraz
Album : Dreams & Nightmares 2 : Wins & Losses
Produced : Infamous Rell
Official Site : BBCMetro
Release Date : June 25, 2017
Language : English

Never Lose Lyrics

[Table: Lihtz Kamraz]
Raf Simmons on my shoes
I would never lose~ I would never lose
(Infamous~ infamous~ infamous)
Yeahh~ Yeahh~ Yeahh

[Table: Lihtz Kamraz]
that~s in real life
Flood tha rollie~ drop tha
I was still shining
My bitch out here tryna play me~ she crazy
I~m F(u)cking models on tha daily
Anyway a nigga chose~ I would never lose~ I would never lose
I would never lose

[Table: Meek Mill]
Somethin~ that I been through
Wins & tham loses~ turned us to bosses
Yeahh~ when tham niggas started hated~ man that~s when thay lost us
Yeahh~ seen thair bitches swtichin~ sides soon as thay cross us
F(u)ck ~em
But I never trip & I feel like that ball I~ma