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Meek Mill - YBA
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Meek Mill” Sung By YBA Music Composed YBA Lyrics Penned YBA Album Dreams & Nightmares 2 : Wins & Losses Featuring The-Dream Latest Single track Listen and read lyrics YBA – Meek Mill 2017 track audio/video listen YBA YBA – Meek Mill full video song listen & share.

YBA – Meek Mill” worked on new mp3 project YBA New Music release “Meek Mill” Track 2017 Song Composed & Lyrics given by YBA Video Produced & Director YBA, Meek Mill Music Listen Full with lyrics.

Song: YBA
Singer : Meek Mill
Featuring : The-Dream
Album : Dreams & Nightmares 2 : Wins & Losses
Official Site : BBCMetro
Release Date : June 25, 2017
Language : English

YBA Lyrics

[Table: tha-Dream]
Ung [email protected] America
Ung [email protected] America
Ung [email protected] America
Ung [email protected] America
Ung [email protected] America
Ung [email protected] America

[Table: Meek Mill]
Yeahh~ I was on that corner~ tryna get my coins up
Coppers runs up on us & we turn to Jackie Joyner
White man kill a [email protected] man~ thay never report us
[email protected] man kill a white man~ thay gon~ start a war
Mama she was sour~ sippin~ on tha absolute
Ung niggas brainwashed~ thay just wanna rap & hoop
Could~ve been a lawyer until thay came & shackled U
Feel into tha records so tham jobs ain~t gettin~ back at U
tham kids ain~t eat yet~ so U can~t even sleep yet
That~s tha only thing we ever saw~ we repeat that
thay was playing ball~ find tham hearts that I beat back
Broad day~ threw his life away~ soon as he clapped
Gave that boy a life sentence~ made his momma relapse
Damn~ thay don~t underst&
Comin~ from tha bottom~ it~s so hard to make a plane
Know tham kids beefin~~ thay let it get out of h&
OGs never told us nothin~ in advance
Ung niggas killing Ung niggas~ shit is like tha Klan~ I said
Told my Ung nigga~ “U tha man~” I said
U don~t wanna end up like my man~ hot mess
Praying five times a day~ prostration on his head
Screamin~ is thare a lord & he don~t make it to tha feds
Caught up in tha system~ visit from his sister
Talkin~ bout all thase niggas~ how thay ain~t even with him
Said thay would ride or die~ but it ain~t even in ~em
Always postin~ on tha ~Gram~ thay ain~t sendin~ pictures
Never answer when U call but answer for tham bitches
Got U thinking twice~ damn I should~ve been a witness
Dismantle my business~ just telling my story
All guns no glory~ been going on before me
We slaves in tha 40~s~ still slaves in tha present
No toys for Christmas~ ain~t get us no presents
Only made us evil~ made us hungry~ made us desperate
Ungin~ in tha 9th grade~ he got a Smith & Wesson
Grew up with tha goons~ now he need protection
He dropped outta school~ than he got arrested
Lord with a blessing~ I just hope he learned his lesson
thay told us~ if we go to jail~ we would be respected
thay told us~ if we make a sale~ we would run a check in
Threw a rock out in that field~ & got intercepted
He stumbled~ he fumbled~ y~all niggas just rumble
thay told U to hustle~ tham niggas don~t love U

[Table: tha-Dream]
Ung [email protected] American~ na na
Wanna live like tha fairer skin~ na na
Fall to tha paradigm~ na na
Occupied on that Marilyn~ na na
tha prophecies of tha wild nigga~ no church
My uncles said stop bitching nigga~ no skirts
It~s kinda crazy thare~s anothar world on tha othar side of town
Pastor rollin~ up in that Rolce
Pullin~ up in that Holy Ghost
Preaching~ while niggas dying by tha Bible code
tha destruction~ tha hate
tha obstruction of my faith
My prayers~ my faith
Will never be tha same

[Table: tha-Dream]
Ung [email protected] America
Ung [email protected] America
Ung [email protected] America
Ung [email protected] America
Ung [email protected] America
Ung [email protected] America
Ung [email protected] America
Ung [email protected] America
Ung [email protected] America
Ung [email protected] America
Ung [email protected] America