N-are rost – Lino ft. Mario Fresh Lyrics Video Song

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Song : N-are rost
Singer : Lino
Featuring : Mario Fresh
Text : Cristian Udrea, Alex Velea, Lino si JonBaiatBun
Muzica : Alex Velea & Lino
Official Site : BBCSongs.Com
Release Date : Oct 18, 2016
Country : Romania
Language : Romanian

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N-are rost Lyrics

cheers to lose any back at the main the
legs better sheets and a little bit but
the thing i can know what they’re doing
my going for it slide just going over
watching tours bus conductors consume
Dana por ustedes por la la
traditional daddy star
my boss the door
I’m going I’m not
this was maybe
so yeah she come on
stop talking
awesome count wasn’t in a paper rose
compila soccer news i’m thinking more
prepared than most could be present for
me talking
there goes my penis sensorimotor co
foremost in my foremost the kids appear
city-county but I’ve got that Charles to
break time I prepared out of course for
your loss for me too so into that same
with the family name is completed
it’s cool to be into Markey isn’t we
already did that go along with it below
myself to myself gosh or I this is that
consumers leader
Pennsylvania and I’m not my
this part
heaven knows she can stay there stop
oh my god
first my penis presenting does she come
on Spencer’s top back in my ad posting