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Notebook-03MF Doom returned With the brand scene called “Notebook 03“. MF Doom has dropped hot new track “Notebook 03” Video Song Listen and read lyrics. Notebook 03 – MF Doom Full Music Out Now Listen from BBCMetro bookmark this site. “Notebook 03” Sung & Composed By MF Doom from Album The Missing Notebook Rhymes Latest Single track lyrics Notebook 03 2017 track audio/video listen MF Doom – Notebook 03 full video song listen & share.

Worked on new mp3 project MF Doom New Music release “Notebook 03 – MF Doom” Track 2017 Song Composed & Lyrics given by MF Doom Video Produced & Director MF Doom.

Song: Notebook 03
Singer : MF Doom
Album : The Missing Notebook Rhymes
Release Date : Aug 29, 2017
Language : English

Notebook 03 Lyrics

[Verse 1~]
DOOM get [?~] off chips
He chewed off strips of a blue witch
Danger make ’em groove off a glitch
Major [?~] twitch and the crew rich bitch
Always wanted to say that
Ever since the days of hallways [?~] stray cat
The one he often frequently slapped around
All the while waited and graduated cap and gown
Hated the rap sound~ debated the crap
Til he felt he had it mapped down
Enough to have the game trapped and bound
Scratching the crown f**cker noun
Or verb for that matter
Had no data for a horrible chat chatter
Oh~ Erik Estrada
Fat rat~ the mask made ’em as [?~] as a mad hatter

[Verse 2~]
Known for his absurd word choices
How will they ignore U if he asked U if he heard voices
Look~ the energy is crazy
Far as he was concerned the enemy was lazy
Ur attention please
Freeze~ he came to seize the free cheese
Before he flees to Belize
In case U forgot to mention~ squeeze these
Just keep it on a need to know basis
They knew he was a negro so no need to show faces
Back in the days with no laces
On a slow pace [?~] go places
Ehh~ whatever their case is
The card he played was ace of spades with no races
A spastic~ some called loony
When he spit a tune sarcastic as Paul Mooney
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