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Song : On A Roll
Singer : Avelino
Featuring : Abra Cadabra
Official Site : BBCSongs.Com
Release Date : Oct 22, 2016
Country : USA
Language : English

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On A Roll Lyrics

(Oh!) (Yeah!)
I gave myself a shot and it wasn’t suicide
Made it half a nigga; it was do or die
I knew I wouldn’t suit a suit and tie
For the weekend times two
But there’s no you and I
It’s a doggy dog world
He was right

Fuck what they think they know
I don’t trust none of these niggas no
I’m getting money they think I’m broke
The true definition of livin’ low

I’m getting money they think I’m broke
I’m with my dates I won’t dish them out
Don’t hate the crime hate the criminal
Two pretty woman I kiss them both

Getting money with the whole team

Bounce with me bounce with me
Keep an ounce on me
Even got an accountant to account for me

Getting money with the whole team

And I’ve been on my own
If only you knew what I’ve been through

(Shit yeah!)

I’ve been on a roll (oh oh ohhh)

Still no honour roll
I’m going in like I don’t wanna go
With some ting that just wanna roll
I’m getting licked and collar boned
Tell ’em go phone no domino


But I came to the livin’
Love gold cause it’s from the same place as a nigga
Talking about the rock ye ain’t game ye ain’t jigga
You ain’t got name but the name in your Twitter

I just bought the drug he said “want blow?”
But do we throw my cents don’t wanna Diablo
You’re trying to be Escobar I’m trying to be Pablo
But if you ain’t talking money: me no hablo

There’s hoe’s in your team with your whole T
How the fuck you spending money when you OP
I’mma need a One Dance like an OT
Man I’m real controlla you know me?

I’ve been on my grind for one day
Shawty (Shawty) you’re fucking G in the same way
Shawty wanna leave me on a lewa
She won’t show it or drop it until she say somethin’

They want to take another drive with me (drive with me)
All these bitches they ride with me (they ride with me)
I just got bitches surroundin’ me (surroundin’ me)
My niggas will take them away from me

I just want to make it from my hood to my whole T

Because I’ll be killing these shows
And they might be thinking of
something but they don’t know me

They don’t know me