Promise (I’ll be) Lyrics – 2PM (Video/Audio)

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Promise (I’ll be) Song 2016 Listen Online HD

Song :  Promise (I’ll be)
Singer : 2PM
Official Site : BBCSongs.Com
Release Date :  Sep 12, 2016
Country : Korea
Language : Korean

Promise (I’ll be) – 2PM Video Song Online

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Promise (I’ll be) Lyrics

I’m staring at only the clock
It’s so hard to wait
Even 1 minute 1 second is too long
I need you right now
The nights where you aren’t there are too long
I’m going to get you right now
It’s so late today
I need you right now
It’s the moonlight for only the both of us
Last night spins around in our minds
The both of us oh baby oh
Baby I’ll be Baby I’ll be
What do you want me to do what should I let go of
I’m ready to do do it
Baby I’ll be Baby I’ll be
When you wake up in the morning
Be by my side Baby I’ll be
Everything is set and ready now
Even those roses you love
You should just be here
So I need you right now
My heart that’s so cheerful it feels it’s going to fly
I wait as I imagine you
That you’ll open that door and walk through
and I need you right now
Lights camera action
A reaction that’s only for you
Do you know I’ve prepared all of this only for you
Twenty four-seven all hour
Can’t never stop for ma lover
I’ll be what you want me to be
I’ll leave it up to your imagination AH do it faster
Feel me closer
Your heart will open up little by little
Without even knowing I’ll continue leading you
Tonight you’ll be with me
Even when the morning comes I’ll be by your side
There are no worries
Now baby I will be
Forever I’ll be with you
I won’t let go of your hands
So that I don’t lose sight of your smile
I’ll gaze at you

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