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Today – Rebeka Video Song Listen and read lyrics.

Song : Today
Singer : Rebeka
Lyrics : Grajper
Produced : Adrian Pawłowski
Official Site : BBCSongs.Com
Release Date : Sep 26, 2016
Country : USA
Language : English

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Today Lyrics

when i was a child
i was smiling wide
i used to sing and ride
on the blackest horse
in my magic world
i used to play with my dad
watching weird cartoons
finding groovy loops
in strange j*panese tunes
it felt so good simply to use
my heart
i never thought i was longing oh oh for today
i never thought i’d be singing oh for real these days
i never thought i would need that child oh every day
i never thought i would feel so good and fine today
oh i am a child
living adult life
i know you’ll find me kind
sometimes i’m a freak
and i’m acting weak
i do not know what to say
then i sleep all day
and i sing all night
i’m far away from daylight
i forget to breathe
what i truly need
i do not know what to sing

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