Scream – Grimes ft. Aristophanes Lyrics Official (Video/Audio)

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Scream – Grimes ft Aristophanes Video Song Listen and read lyrics.

Song : Scream
Singer : Grimes
Featuring : Aristophanes
Album : Art Angels
Produced : Grimes
Official Site : BBCSongs.Com
Release Date : Oct 6, 2016
Country : USA
Language : English

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Scream Lyrics

The screams that are buried in the lungs
Buried in the bones and the muscles
Unexploded undeniable
Cram into a sickness
What used to be dry is now sodden
Swollen meaty moist and juicy
My teeth are bouncing off it
A woman pulls out the headful of black hair with her bare hands
Walks along the mountain ridges in a dream
Remembrance swarms like mosquitos
Opening up the unfocused eyes
As if… Quick spread the legs without desire wide
I take a bite are you still unmoved
You can scream out
Tracing along your spine
My fingers created a cold lake
I look around no one is guarding
The exhibitionist takes out his coat
And jumps into it with tears on his face

I planned to record your scream as you reached orgasm
But then realize that I’ve pressed the wrong button
The moment has been lost irretrievable
You lie there
Struggling with the body fluid that is getting cold
Sticky transparent elastic flowers in my palm
I’m not satisfied; I want to squeeze more out of your body
The telephone rings at this moment
A herd of deer run past the window and at the same time
Blue winds are dispelled so quickly
wiping out the foams on the margin of the world
Escaping from your half-opened eyes
Picking up the phone silence comes
The desire just awoken breathes and screams in the receiver
As I listen I lick away every drop of your sweat

If you can’t scream then swallow it down

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