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Real-FriendsTaylor Bennett returned With the brand scene called “Real Friends Remix“. Taylor Bennett has dropped hot new track “Real Friends” Video Song Listen and read lyrics. Real Friends – Taylor Bennett Full Music Out Now Listen from BBCMetro bookmark this site. “Real Friends” Sung & Composed By Taylor Bennett from Album “Throw Aways” UNMIXED Latest Single track lyrics Real Friends 2017 track audio/video listen Taylor Bennett – Real Friends full video song listen & share.

Worked on new mp3 project Taylor Bennett New Music release “Real Friends – Taylor Bennett” Track 2017 Song Composed & Lyrics given by Taylor Bennett Video Produced & Director Taylor Bennett.

Song: Real Friends
Singer : Taylor Bennett
Album : “Throw Aways” UNMIXED
Release Date : August 21, 2017
Language : English

Real Friends Lyrics

Real friends~ real friends~ real friends

How many of ’em? How many judge us?
How many love us? Real friends
Put ’em above u~ but know u can’t trust them
So how can u love them? God damn~~

I know it’s different to see ur friends in the magazines
When he was hating on u for niggas just being clean
And started trapping and capping on niggas just to feed
What it meant to be realer than niggas next to me
Lived a dream to sell a dream~ that’s the recipe
The rest of me always questioning what was destiny
Living life on a verge while fate addressing me
Led to depression~ progression~ and losing sympathy
A black kid with talent gifted with special needs
That takes advantage of what was handed by family trees
Daddy boy~ the politician is stressed to be
Hercules~ a son of god~ but in distant seas
In a movie~ Chicago; a murder’s every scene
Knowing himself~ but know risking is losing everything
But loves music and views it as God’s testing scheme
A testimony for testing blessings so effortlessly
Wait~ switch up the number
I can be dialed~ I been up writing~~

I ain’t a child
This is survival~ so now I’m an idol
Oh~ u a psychic? Now u a prophet
I think I got a real friends~ real friends~ real friends…
Real friends~ don’t want to hurt them~ but how do u want them
Even when u ain’t earn them? Real friends
u know that u love them~ but how can u trust them
And hope u don’t crush them? God damn
Look~ nowadays~ we play vinyls
Look~ nowadays~~

Look~ nowadays~ we play vinyls
The rich-y kids always hate Lionel
Cheap drinks~ so in sync with deep silence
Used to greet violence with pink violets and knee shiners
Now these~ minus the renovators and pathfinders
Find myself in the deepest thoughts of my last writings
Never take a second to count a blessing~ the past timings
How I pass fires with pacifiers~ u’re not inspired?
My new shit sounds like “who’s this and who’s the writer?”
God don’ laced me with a gift I hope u can decipher
I ride waves and stargaze and keep writing the bible
A mean all this~ sleep artist~ I’m knowing they calling
Yep~ now picture me balling~~

Forty rings and forty chains for them just like New Orleans
My pressure deep~ I hope my breath cause the label’s who told me
It’s all about perception~ resting and waking that morning
Sleeping~ thieving~ even speaking leaving when others is mourning
When cops killing kids~ kids killing kids~ that’s just what it is
Mind ur buis’~ u’re behind the fence
u’re protected
And from the outside in~ i’m imprisoned
I lack vision~ the masked mission
My ambitions is fact-titious with bad bitches
Real friends~ real friends~~

How many of us? How many judge us?
How many love us? Real friends
Put ’em above u~ but know u can’t trust ’em
So how can u love ’em? God damn~~

Real friends~ even for ur real friends
Real friends~~
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