Tink – Stay On It ft. Lil Durk Lyrics Official (Video/Audio)

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Stay On It Song 2016 Listen Online HD

Song :  Stay On It
Singer : Tink
Featuring : Lil Durk
Official Site : BBCSongs.Com
Release Date :  Aug 25, 2016
Country : USA
Language : ENGLISH

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Stay On It – Tink ft Lil Durk Video Song Online

Stay On It Lyrics

Check check check
(C-Sick C-Sick C-Sick)

Up like a pilot
The money’s so violent
We valet the whip and then run in the spot
Feeling important so fly like I’m Jordan
A ring cost a mil that’s a
Rockin’ designer now we on the middle
Loafs on my feet cost a whole lotta peta
Piece on my hip like a motherfuckin’ beeper
Don’t let it ring off
Car full of niggas who know how to get you
And do you in minimum time
Run through the bank
And deposit more cake than a baker would bake for her bride
March in the buildin’
They all get filmin’ like we got a movie to cut
Shoot out the dealer
I’m hot as a fever the floor like it’s in the Ku Klux

Please ladies and gentlemen I have to believe you
(Point is shit don’t really stop)

(Whole lotta money bein’ made)
Breath in breath in greed works
(Niggas know what time it is you know)

All day all night
I stay on it I stay on it
All day all night
I stay on it I stay on it

All white with the Loubs on
I air blue get your cruise on
Take it slow less talk get your cruise on
Chanel purse Jimmy Choo on
Street nigga and I’m on what you want
Street nigga and I’m on what you want
All day all night baby
Ex-bitch call my phone tryna fight let’s go
No I want you
Street nigga with a melody
Only nigga in Toronto with a felony
On Eastside bitch but I’m tellin’ you
And “you Lil Durk crazy” what you tellin’ me
Yeah what you tellin’ me
Straight out the gutter
I ain’t got a shame people less more
I’m lovin’ the way you
And you lovin’ the way I
Smell like the money
Since I met you girl you been 100
Took you from your man and he ain’t know nothin’
Yeah he stuntin’
Yeah yeah yeah

Uh let’s go and get this shit two times you know?
I’m back to back
They don’t know
Durk what up
Yeah yeah yeah

All day all night
I stay on it I stay on it
All day all night
I stay on it I stay on it

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