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TLC - American Gold
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Song: American Gold
Singer : TLC
Album : TLC
Official Site : BBCMetro
Release Date : June 23, 2017
Language : English

American Gold Lyrics

Pride starts wars
Seems Luv has died
Too soon when will we try?
I~ll give breath to save Ur life
Bombs r falling from tha sky
I~ll be bold enough to fight
By Ur side by Ur side
I think none of us r safe
We been in & out tha race
Cries thay echo into space
Tragedies we have to face
I lost some friends some friends that I didn~t want to
I lost some stars my heart bleeds red~ white~ & blue
I~ve been in & out of tha fire battling for U
Bleeding on American soil

I bleed American gold
On this American soil
We pay for tha price it costs
I bleed this American gold
I cry for tha one~s I lost
I pray for tha ones that don~t
I~m bleedin~ on American Soil
I~m needin~ this American gold
I~m bleedin~ yeahh~ yeahh~ yeahh~ yeahh~ yeahh
I~m bleedin~ American gold~ gold~ gold~ yeahh~ yeahh
& it~s leaking from my sou-oh-oh-oh-oh-ohlll
Feelin~ undefeated
From tha ones who try to have power over U
Don~t let ~em control U
Can~t let ~em get through
Get through
Won~t U let ~em know right now
U won~t let ~em drag U
yeahh~ U always gon~ pull through… pull through
U~re coming out strong strong strong