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Hollywood” Sung & Composed By Twista from Album Crook County Latest Single track lyrics Hollywood 2017 track audio/video listen Twista – Hollywood full video song listen & share.

Worked on new mp3 project Twista New Music release “Hollywood – Twista” Track 2017 Song Composed & Lyrics given by Twista Video Produced & Director Twista.

Song: Hollywood
Singer : Twista
Album : Crook County
Produced : Supe
Official Site : BBCMetro
Release Date : July 9, 2017
Country : USA
Language : English

Hollywood Lyrics

Hollywood~ Hollywood~ Hollywood~ Hollywood
Hollywood~ Hollywood~ Hollywood~ Hollywood

thay say I be actin Hollywood
Why? Cause I be on my own shit woo
Split a nigga~ dont quit Yeahh
I dont do no favors~ that aint logic
Give me my deposit~ right a wrong bitch
thay say I be actin Hollywood woo
Because I dont be fuckin with em nope
Because I wont do nothin with em right
thay dont know tha truth about my personality
thay talk about us just to fill in
When thay say Im actin Hollywood what?
Sometimes I gotta be conceited for real
Sometimes I feel tha people need it Yeahh
thay all know that thay be hatin when thay be debatin
But tha othar people see it
When thay say Im actin Hollywood
Im just a Sagittarius what up?
I be chillin to myself in my area
tha steps are various to get to this level
I better live vicarious & when u do
When thay say ure actin Hollywood
She made a sound like tha sex hurt her
Doors open like south murder
Niggas thought that thay can take it to anothar level
I take it a step furthar
So thay say Im actin Hollywood what?
thay say thay wanna catch Twista damn
u cant put nothin past niggas nope
So I aint fuckin with thase nothin ass bitches
& thase nothin ass niggas
So thay say that I be actin Hollywood Yeahh
Because I will do nothin to burn with ya nope
& half way to hell~ I be st&in all over tha furniture Yeahh
I have to ask everybody to walk out tha room when I be talkin bout shit that aint concernin ya
Is that why I be actin Hollywood? Why?
Is it because of tha way I can switch up tha style?
Or how I can manage to get up on tha baddest bitch in tha pile
u said it~ I be tha one that one change but I feel like u be tha one actin different now
Thats why I be sayin u be actin Hollywood

Hollywood~ Hollywood~ Hollywood~ Hollywood
Hollywood~ Hollywood~ Hollywood~ Hollywood

With tha music~ Im never bound to stop never
thay tell me I dont come around a lot I dont
I just be out on tha grind~ gettin steel like tha sign on tha mountain top
thay say I be actin Hollywood thay do
If I look at em like a object what?
Think Im a ungin but Im just a polished Hard vet thats right
thay say fuck ur entourage & facade
My name on tha boulevard~ yes
So I aint actin Hollywood nope
Not until thay really care
Not until I eat with a billionaire Yeahh
Not until I make a monster make me check tha bank account & see 100 million thare
Thats when Im actin Hollywood thats right
When I can help when people hesitate thats when
& change tha lives of tha devastated
Levitated when my mentality is elevated & re-educated
Is when I be actin Hollywood lights
When I aint feelin like a threat to u nope
Just because u feel Im ahead of u why?
We tha same flesh & blood
But because I feel Im on a higher pedestal
u gotta say Im actin Hollywood I see that
But I resent that I do
Even though I know u meant that Yeahh
I could see tha aggression on niggas faces every time I went back
Cause thay feel I been actin Hollywood Yeahh

Hollywood~ Hollywood~ Hollywood~ Hollywood
Hollywood~ Hollywood~ Hollywood~ Hollywood