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Foreword ” Sung & Composed By Tyler The Creator from Album Scum Fuck Flower Boy Latest Single track lyrics Foreword 2017 track audio/video listen Tyler The Creator – Foreword full video song listen & share.

Worked on new mp3 project Tyler The Creator New Music release “Foreword – Tyler The Creator” Track 2017 Song Composed & Lyrics given by Tyler The Creator Video Produced & Director Tyler The Creator.

Song: Foreword
Singer : Tyler The Creator
Featuring : Can & Rex Orange County
Album : Scum Fuck Flower Boy
Produced : Tyler, The Creator
Official Site : BBCMetro
Release Date : July 10, 2017
Country : USA
Language : English

Foreword Lyrics

[Table: Tyler~ tha Creator]
How many cars can I buy till I run out of drive?
How much drive can I have~ until I run out of road?
How much road can thay pave~ until I run out of l&?
How much l& can it be until I run in tha ocean?
Niggas go with tha motions & all tha plans
See~ I was never into tha beaches & all tha s&s
See~ I was in tha woods with flowers~ rainbows & posies
Falling out of my pocket~ but ya’ll want to know if I swam to cool down
How much cooler can I get until run out of fans?
How many fans can I have till thay turn on tha AC?
If tha AC blow up~ than I’m TNT~ I’m gone

[Table: Rex Orange County]
I’m gone & I’m finished
& I ain’t seen my friends in a minute
Guess that nothing lasts forever
No~ nothing lasts forever
Nothing sticks togethar
Sick of sitting in doubt
Please let me figure this out

[Table: Tyler~ tha Creator]
Shoutout to tha girls that I lead on
For occasional head & always keeping my bed warm
& trying thay hardest to keep my head on straight
& keeping me up enough ’til I had thought I was airborne
How many raps can I write ’til I get me a chain?
How many chains can I wear ’til I’m considered a slave?
How many slaves can it be ’til Nat Turner arrives?
How many riots can it be ’til tham Black Lives Matter?
When niggas click~ clack~ splatter~ pew~ pew that nigga
Life a game of basketball~ U better shoot that nigga
Cause if that cop got tricky~ he better pull
Cause when I get pulled over~ I usually play it cool
Cause I know what I’m driving is usually paid in full
& my ego & possessions~ will not let me be one
Be-cause I got a mansion~ my mansion got some rooms
& rooms got some windows & my windows got some views
& views get some stairs & my backyard does too
& if U walk to tha bottom~ U’ll probably see a pool
U better not drown~ keep tham ten toes up
Cause if those ten toes down~ that mean that U fucked up
& that’s what I swim in

[Table: Rex Orange County]
& if I drown & don’t come back?
Who’s gonna know? (Baby~ than I’ll know)
& if I crash & don’t come back?
Who’s gonna know? (Baby~ than I’ll know)
& if I fall & don’t come back?
Who’s gonna know? (Baby~ than I’ll know)
I’m wondering if I don’t come back
Baby~ than I’ll know

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