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Typo - Iggy Azalea
Typo – Iggy Azalea Video Song Listen and read lyrics. Typo – Iggy Azalea Full Music Out Now Listen, Typo – Iggy Azalea Audio Video Song lsiten from BBCMetro bookmark this site.

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Iggy Azalea – Typo” worked on new mp3 project Iggy Azalea New Music release “Typo” Track 2017 Song Composed & Lyrics given by Iggy Azalea Video Produced & Director Iggy Azalea, Typo Music Listen Full with lyrics.

Song : Typo
Singer Name : Iggy Azalea
Album : Digital Distortion
Official Site : BBCMetro
Release Date : Jun 1, 2017
Country : USA
Language : English
Typo Lyrics
Verse ?
Why you so pressed, get lil baby to a therapist!
Aye, I do it, I do it, I do it
I said it, I’m in it, I’ll prove it
Big dealing, gotta recruit them
Keep winning til you feel stupid

Show if dope Iggy great, TYPO
Bring around the ? you don’t even know me
Ashes, ashes, these bitches phoney

Verse ?
I care ’bout nothing but my bitches and my dawgs
‘Cause as soon as they all talk, my Azaleans’ll talk
Save your phone ?? 1-1, it’s a 9-1-1
I still ?? for ??, everything I’ve ever done
No re?? from me (Hey)
?? hope you have fun