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Misery Song 2016 Listen Online HD

Song :  Misery
Singer : Valliers
Official Site : BBCSongs.Com
Release Date :  Jul 31, 2016
Country : USA
Language : ENGLISH

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Misery – Valliers Listen Song Online

Misery Lyrics

Slave to my own misery
I just can’t seem to get myself out of this void
I am forever drawing a blank
Losing sight of who I am
Watching everyone else succeed
While I wallow in my misery

I’m losing my grip and I’m so scared that I’ll just wither away
I’m losing my grip and days fly by while I wallow in my misery

I let your absence get a hold on me
I can’t find the strength to do anything
Failing again and again
I am nothing but a disappointment at best

Thirteen years of your suffering projected on to me
Sucking me down pulling me further and further
Feeding my apathy
How am I supposed to shed this negativity

I just wanted to make something of myself
But you made a mess of me

You had a look on your face that said
“I couldn’t be more disappointed in you if I tried”

I know you think you failed me
But I can’t blame you anymore I’ve only failed myself

I know you think you failed me
But I can be so much more
Let me spread my wings and soar

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