Willis – Poppa Pimple Lyrics Official (Video/Audio)

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Poppa Pimple – Willis Video Song Listen and read lyrics.

Song : Poppa Pimple
Singer : Willis
Produced : Willis
Official Site : BBCSongs.Com
Release Date : Sep 26, 2016
Country : USA
Language : English

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Poppa Pimple Lyrics

Poppa’s poppin’ talkin’ poppa pimple
My baby poppin talkin’ pop it
lock it drop it simple

While bamas be beefin uh
tellem muhfuckas to beat me up

Tellem muhfuckas I’m geekin’
tellem to fall back like seasons cuz

Teach me to breathe baby show me ropes
wherever you go when you smokin the dope
Been lookin for peace I don’t know where to go
go to the headphones for the lows

My highs be separated extra late when I’m meditatin
Sugar Ray bitch I’m heavy weightin
and in the mornin I’m devastated
Look to the screen for that peace of mind
I been tryna find thru media

No results gettin greedier
if I wasn’t me I’d wanna beat me up
Take down my words on an interview leave me a
Trail of the pieces to read and it keep me up
See me in public I’m rough I ain’t seen a buck

Please don’t run up and say shit like “yo keep it up”
Gon keep it a Hunned and ten
You ain’t seen shit but a cluck wit a pen
I ain’t seen shit so good luck to the Feds

But my momma taught me right so I’m stuck in my head
And its solitary confinement in my mind
Tryna make something timeless
When the time is right I’m fine
But I always fall back

Aye fuck all of you indianapolis Locals
I’m snapping ya vocals
When I rap it’s over I’m actually factually
happening passing y’all past all the borders

But none of that give me serenity
none of it make me feel whole
Realized when I was seventeen
that nothing could fill my soul

But this music shit and how I’m usin’ it
Dropped out of school just to do this shit
Maybe I’m making mistakes aye
Depends your perception of foolishness

And fuck all y’all people from high school
was skipping class with my homeboy
Teachers would tell me to think with my head
then what the fuck I got this soul for

Why would I sit through a math class?
these bars in my head like equations
And I’m finna rap that make it abstract
in the notebook in my backpack

And its still solitary confinement in my mind
But imma make something timeless
When the time is right I’m fine
But I always fall back

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