Yalla Nefrah – Jannat Lyrics w/translate

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Song : Yalla Nefrah
Singer : Jannat
Official Site : BBCSongs.Com
Release Date : Apr 16, 2017
Country : Arabia
Language : Arabic

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Jannat” working on his new project Jannat Arabia Singer New Music release “Yalla Nefrah” Track 2017 This Song Composed By Jannat and Lyrics given Jannat Video Produced & Director Jannat, Yalla Nefrah Music Full Listen with lyrics Music Label: Rotana Music.

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Yalla Nefrah Lyrics

Rich and beautiful Yala Yala
Come and do not settle down
Yalla Yala Yala Yala
The love of the world may

Be appreciated violin and violin
Distribute joy to the people everywhere
Laughing meet the world laugh Open Piban
I will love and sing and dance

And I will live
On your own make yourself humble
I do not need to be surprised before
live your life

Live your life for life live your life
The joy of people’s hearts is with you
The color of your days with joy and mateshash
At any time you will make yourself humble

Rejoice so much joy and laughter for free
The love of the world may
Be appreciated violin and violin
Distribute people’s joy dictate every place

I do the arguments before I am ready
We heard your voice
The joy of people’s hearts with you
Live living your life