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Worked on new mp3 project Rapsody New Music release “You Should Know – Rapsody” Track 2017 Song Composed & Lyrics given by Rapsody Video Produced & Director Rapsody.

Song: You Should Know
Singer : Rapsody
Featuring : Busta Rhymes
Album : Laila’s Wisdom
Produced : 9th Wonder
Release Date : Sep 2, 2017
Language : English

You Should Know Lyrics

[Verse 1: Rapsody~]
Papa just copped a Mustang
Looking at U like it must stank
Sweatin~ me and mine~ I bet a dollar Ur nuts stank
I been on the left coast learning new west slang
Naturally better~ versus them it~s like flint to a cup of rain bars
I~m on par with Rocky and [Club of Lane?~] posse
Know I~m possibly the best they ever seen
Yea I~m possibly the best U ever seen
Ung Gu yellin~ I should rippity rap more
I~m known to black out~ y~all resemble the [eye scores?~]
Flow so much I need life guards
Not like Rikers~ them some whole new bars
Influenced by many but I~m a whole new star~ yea
There~s levels to this but I~m a whole new floor
They talking keys to success but I~m a whole new door
Still slippin~ through traffic screamin~ [that the allure?~]
I~m breaking the law~ was too much to ever ignore
I been exceeding the limit since I had an Accord
Always had a need for speed before I met that boy
9th Wonder~ I spent the summer bumpin~ Wuuuu~ nigga
Now they like “wooo~ nigga!”
Been hearin~ U for a few~ nigga
It~s true too many can~t fuck with ya
Hope U know the realness in that bar
I know some rappers only nice to me as [jet stars?~]
Who really just afraid cause they know I go that hard
Askin~ if so-and-so and I are gon~ rap together~ yea
Don~t worry bout it~ I ain~t worried about it
There~s room in this game~ it ain~t crowded
Aimin~ at the top nowadays~ y~all worried about Miley Cyrus
That~s a tear in my eye that I ain~t cried
It~s some paths to a milli homie~ U ain~t tried
I count ten by fives~ I~m always halfway there in my mind
It~s on U to catch up this time
Cause U know

[Verse 2: Rapsody~]
Dropped out of poo-poo weighin~ 6-2 with a loose screw
To the daughter that couldn~t glue~ ooh look mama~ she said
This world that gave me crack with two commas
And two-time [?~]
U wear black diamond~ know too many stars turn to comments
We run from the comics until we subjects to the comics
I~m a hero don~t be stressin~ the zeroes and the commas
Looking anacondas~ know they coming with apples and oranges Satan playin~ me~ I ain~t Adam unless we talkin~ bout bombin~
Over Baghdad~ U look bad tryin~ to spar with me
I~m a lethal weapon~ a saber or a razor~ Darth Vader~ Al Qaeda
Every friend of Jada that set it off~ I~m a midget at labour Delivering babies the size of raiders~ opinions were made
Ultimatums got none so don~t come lookin~ for favors
I~m tired of U fakers~ Carolina~ but I still rep the Lakers
Westside~ Eastside~ every side my tithes good with my neighbours
Double back on my sins and pray one day I~m good with my maker
Tomato~ tomato~ don~t apply better watch what U say to me
Everything ain~t ok to me~ everybody won~t cater me
Though I know I~m a child of destiny fulfilment is up to me
Up to Ur neck in debt for every debt U threw up against me
Lord listen~ forgive me I ain~t got no sympathy flowers
They say it~s better to die with pride than to die as a coward
I say some situations call for our pride to be swallowed
So we live to watch payback come in the form of good karma
Cause U know

[Interlude: Busta Rhymes~]
U know I heard what he said right?
Loving U was all I wanna do
My whole life
Please let Ur brother Busta Rhymes elaborate on this topic a little further
U know the subject of love
Let me get on my Barry White shit real quick

[Verse 3: Busta Rhymes~]
Royal empress queen
Damn~ I so adore U
There~s so many ways to describe this love I~ve been holding for U
I been lookin~ for this forever~ been searching abroad
For that original woman lovin~ the nurture to God
The power of Ur presence speaks even when being silent
Universal alignment~ I respect Ur refinement
The focus to blossom this love is my only assignment
I wanna provide and take care of U til we approaching timing
And when U talk~ Ur words remind me of beautiful speeches
Say to myself~ I thank God for these beautiful creatures
Usually deep will be the feeling every day we meet up
After we fuck U I~mma face U and kick my feet up
The way U hot inside is such a beautiful reminder
The type to make me comfortable puttin~ my seed inside her
U~re such a rider~ love how U~re such a fighter
And I wish that I could find a way to multiply her
I~ll give it to her gentle~ then I emulsify her
Every chance I have I smash it and then we both retire
Put Ur hand up in the air~ girl
Let me shine my light up on U earth while U in here girl
Damn~ U got me swingin~ girl
What makes me hotter is [?~]
Yea baby~ U special~ U~re one of one
If the decision~s up to us~ we ain~t never done
Let~s get back to the fun

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